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Zoom Video Communications, Inc. (typically written as Zoom) is a San Jose, California-based communications software company. It uses a cloud-based participant software platform to deliver video phones and web chat services for telecommuting, teleconferencing, social interactions and distance education.

Since 2020, as the Covid-19 took a huge toll on our lives and we all were forced to get restricted to our houses, Zoom has played a very important role in our lives. Zoom said on Feb. 26; it has attracted more new users in the initial two months of 2020 than it had in the entire year of 2019.

As the virus spread, office workers found themselves making daily Zoom calls from their own homes in a desperate bid to stay in touch with coworkers. In addition, the zoom was allegedly utilized by mass companies of Fortune 500 organizations in 2019. Moreover, it was contemplated to broaden even more in 2020, with a 200 per cent increase over the year.

Attending a Zoom conference does not require an account. The platform is interoperable with Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android, making it accessible to almost anybody.

What is a Zoom Meeting?

Zoom Meeting

Since this application has become so common, we all have heard terms like Zoom meeting, zoom room, etc., a lot. A-Zoom Meeting is a video conference over the internet and is held on the Zoom app/web. You may participate in these sessions by using a laptop or a phone. A-Zoom Room is the real hardware arrangement that allows businesses to schedule and launch Zoom Meetings from their meeting rooms.
Zoom Rooms are a fantastic choice for larger enterprises and require an extra subscription on top of Zoom membership.

About The Zoom Founder

Eric Yuang invented and ran Zoom, which is a virtual meeting platform. He grew up in Tai\’an, China. Yuan, a former engineering manager for Cisco\’s Webex video-conferencing division, set out to create tools that could be used in a conference room in an office to a living room in India.
Zoom currently publishes financial figures that have prompted Aaron Levie, CEO of Box (a client), to speculate that the company may establish a second business selling its \”beautiful\” financial figures as a coffee table book. Zoom, which was built on the cloud and offered a \”freemium\” model that allowed anybody to organize a meeting of 40 minutes or less for free, now provides figures that have Aaron Levie, CEO of Box (a client), tweeting that the company might start a second business selling its \”beautiful\” financial numbers.
Yuan attended Shandong University of Science & Technology, where he studied applied mathematics and computer science before marrying at the age of 22 while completing his Master\’s degree.
Eric earned the most current of these credentials while working as the VP of Engineering at WebEx, a web conferencing platform. Eric went to San Francisco in 1997 and became one of the initial 20 employees hired by the WebEx company. Eric was one of the company\’s original engineers and was instrumental in the company\’s online meetings product\’s success.
Zoom began its voyage in April of 2011. The first-ever iteration beta was published in September 2012. The coronavirus pandemic devastated the globe in early 2020, compelling millions of people to work from home. Zoom was accessed 2.13 million times in one day in March. Zoom will have reached 300 million daily meeting attendees by April 2020.

Zoom Features

In-meeting chat: This feature lets you send private messages or have a personal chat with a single or a group of people who are attending the meeting.

Recording: You get the feature of recording your meetings. It can be done manually or automatically in any version.

Screen-sharing: when you share your screen, it becomes easy for you to show others your work. It can be a marketing presentation or a lecture delivered in the class.

Breakout rooms: This feature lets you divide a single whole call into multiple groups, enabling participants to have their own conversations.

One-on-one meetings– Even with the free version, you can host unrestricted one-on-one meetings.

Virtual backdrops: Virtual backgrounds are one of the product\’s most interesting elements, allowing you to use a picture or video as your background.

Zoom Meeting

Raise your hand: Zoom offers a function that allows you to electronically \”raise your hand,\” notifying the meeting organizer that you may have a statement to make or a problem to ask without interrupting the class or conference\’s workflow.

Remote assistance: It is an effective instrument that allows you to control the screen of some other participant.

Personal meeting ID: A personalized meeting, which Pro accounts and above can only access, will make your meetings more protected while also making it simpler for your friends and colleagues to connect.

Zoom Subscription Plans

Zoom features one-on-one ease of sharing, which might be stretched into group conversations, multiple training sessions and conferences, and worldwide video meetings with approximately 1,000 people and up to 49 on-screen movies. The free account permits you to have unrestricted one-on-one sessions. Still, group sessions are confined to 40 minutes and 100 people. The cost of a paid plan per host starts at $15 per month.

Pricing Options By Zoom

Zoom Free: This category is completely free. There really is no limit to the number of meetings you may hold. However, group sessions with many members are limited to 40 minutes, and sessions could not be recorded.

Zoom Logo

Zoom Pro: It prices $14.99/£11.99 each month and includes meeting hosting. It enables presenters to set personal meeting IDs to repeat Zoom Conferences and also record meetings on the web or on your device; however, group discussion durations are constrained to 24 hours.

Zoom Business: This plan costs $19.99/£15.99 for every month and incorporates meeting hosting (10 minimum). It allows you to trademark Zoom conferences with vanity URLs and corporate logos, along with providing transcripts of cloud-based Zoom sessions and devoted customer care.

Zoom Enterprise: This plan is for enterprises with 1,000 or more employees and costs $19.99/£15.99 per month and per meeting host (100 minimum). It includes unlimited cloud recording storage, a customer success manager, and webinar and Zoom Room savings.

Optional –


Zoom Rooms: If you wish to set up Zoom Rooms, you may sign up for a free 30-day trial. After that, Zoom Rooms cost $49/£39 per month and require a room membership, whereas Zoom webinars cost $40/£32 per month and require a host.
Zoom App Download
The pc app runs on Windows and Mac OS X, whereas the mobile app runs on Android and iOS. The greatest experience is using the desktop app.
You can join a meeting without logging in with any of the apps, but you can always sign in with a Zoom account, Facebook, Google or SSO. You may begin a meeting, enter a meeting, display your screen in a Zoom Room by inputting the meeting ID, launch Zoom Meetings, mute/unmute your mic, start/stop the video, ask others to the conference, modify your screen name, and begin a cloud recording from there.

Security Concerns and Zoom

Zoom\’s meteoric rise to fame in early 2020 revealed a slew of security and privacy vulnerabilities that the firm had neglected to address as it expanded. As the frequency of Zoom meetings increased throughout the world, security and privacy specialists examined the platform more closely.

Zoom\’s claim to provide \”end-to-end security\” of video conversations was among the initial points of contention. When that functionality was questioned, Zoom had to clarify that it had its own definition of \”end-to-end\” and \”endpoint\” encryption, which fell short of industry standards.
Uninvited guests might even \”Zoom-bomb\” a meeting if they knew the meeting number because of security flaws. Other issues included the unintentional disclosure of email addresses and profile pictures; the sharing of personal information with advertisers; a 2019 bug in the Zoom Mac app that allowed malicious websites to silently activate users\’ webcams and leave a hostname web browser behind — once the app was removed; and a discovered recently bug that allowed hackers to steal Windows passwords.

A few of the security concerns marked the culmination of new users\’ inability to set up the Zoom app to safeguard meetings. Researchers and security experts noted that security settings should have been enabled by default, especially for a company that prides itself on ease of use.

A majority of quality firms, namely Standard Chartered, SpaceX and the ministries of Taiwan, Germany and Singapore, have forbidden employees from using Zoom to respond to the initial troubles.

Zooming in your browser

You can use Zoom in a browser if you don\’t have access to or installed any applications. Even if you have Zoom applications installed, you can use Zoom in a browser. On a PC, clicking a Zoom link will open a fast browser tab, subsequently running the Zoom app on your smartphone.

How to Begin Using Zoom Meetings

  • You\’re ready to go once you\’ve downloaded and installed Zoom.
  • The host will give a Zoom Meeting link. All you have to do now is click the link to the meeting.
  • You may also manually input the Meeting ID by clicking \”Join\” on Zoom\’s homepage.
  • Zoom now offers dial-in calling if you don\’t have access to the mobile app or PC.

If you already have a Zoom account and want to plan your first meeting, all you have to do is go to the \”Schedule\” option on either the app or your account page on the website. Then follow the steps.

  • You\’ll be able to invite meeting participants to join your conference call after this is configured, which you may do through email, contact, or phone number. The quickest method to send a Zoom invite is to share the meeting join link, which you\’ll receive when you arrange or start a meeting.

Here are some keyboard shortcuts which may turn out to be helpful for you :

 Alt + A or Command+Shift+A: Mute/unmute audio

 Alt+C or Command+Shift+C: Start/stop cloud recording

Alt+S or Command+Control+S: Start screen sharing

Alt+R or Command+Shift+R: Start/stop local recording

Alt+P or Command+Shift+P: Pause or resume recording

Alt+M or Command+Control+M: Mute/unmute audio for everyone except the host

Alt+F1 or Command+Shift+W: Switch to active speaker view in video meeting

What exactly are Zapps?

Zoom introduced Zapps, or applications, in October 2020, which would be available to both free and premium Zoom users within the Zoom platform.

\”Think of Zapps as an app store right where you need it most – in a Zoom meeting, room, chat, webinar, phone call, and even your contacts directory,\” Zoom officially confirmed while explaining that Zapps can \”improve productivity and help create more engaging experiences.\”

By the October of 2020, the first of these Zapps had arrived. Zoom intends to expand the number of developers who can create Zapps in the future. Users will be able to search for and add Zapps that have been authorized, and they will be able to integrate them straight into their Zoom accounts.

Zoom\’s popularity for home use grew rapidly due to its simplicity. You might also include the brand awareness marketing initiatives that Zoom has been doing for a while.

Before the pandemic, Zoom was on billboards, airport lounges, and train seats. So, even if you were using Zoom for the first time in 2020, you\’d most likely see it advertised someplace.

Because huge numbers of people are likely to continue working remotely even after the COVID-19 outbreak subsides, zoom is positioned to continue its expansion. While the company\’s Zoom for the Home announcement was met with skepticism, Kurtzman believes it was a wise move to position Zoom as a competitor to other, more conventional UCaaS (Unified Communications-as-a-Service) suppliers, who frequently offer both hardware and software.

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