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What Is Executive Coaching? Learn How To Prepare For Executive Coaching – Servon Solution

What Is Executive Coaching? Learn How To Prepare For Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

We all need one-to-one coaching in our life to enhance our abilities and focus on our goals. The transformation in our performance and improvement of our abilities are crucial to accomplish our goals. Ever wondered how this is being achieved? It\’s a great tool that fixes up our issues. However, it is the Executive coaching that is making this all difference.


In this article, learn about what executive coaching is, its aim, the difference, who needs it, and how to do executive coaching. You will get a detailed overview of executive coaching, which would bring improvement in your life and success in your future.

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching is a process of addressing specific development needs and issues with a client. This process can be tailored to take into account the client\’s personality and goals. This is a powerful tool been implemented for leadership development. This Executive coaching is also known as one-to-one coaching, which mainly focuses on particular individual development.

Some people might find it difficult to focus on a singular activity, but if you have the right tools, this can be overcome. It is Executive coaching that makes it better. Executive coaching can be an excellent business tool to help you develop and maintain your skills.

Aim of executive coaching

1. To satisfy its clients\’ needs.

The main motive of an executive coacher is to satisfy clients\’ needs. They help to focus on our goals and build success. The executive coaching process builds our goals and reaches them to the skies. It focuses on individual needs and aims to cater to individual needs.

2. Aid development

The executive coaching process aims to bring development. This development can include personal and professional development. Executive coaching is a process designed to bring development to an executive\’s work-based life. There are many ways in which an executive might benefit from this sort of coaching.

Rather than rely on self-knowledge and personal willpower, an executive coach has the qualifications and skillset and aims to support a client\’s self-development. And, of course, the coach will have a better understanding of the bigger picture and be able to offer other types of feedback that can be beneficial for someone, too.

3. Bring Behaviour change

Another main aim of Executive coaching is to bring behavior change. This coaching process includes building the relationship between coach and client and aims to bring behavioral change by implementing behavioral strategies.

Difference Between Coaching And Executive Coaching



Coaching is just a form of guiding, which an experienced person called a coach, guides their client by incorporating the training on a general topic of need.
Executive coaching is a form of development where a coach guides their clients, mainly using behavioral strategies\’ to bring development.


The main goal of coaching is to bring improvement in works and aid development
Whereas the main goal of Executive coaching is to bring behavioral change by incorporating strategies and aid development.

Coaching is becoming more popular because it can turn employees into leaders. However, executives often shy away from coaching because they feel that it will be too personal and make them look bad.

Another major difference between coaching and executive coaching is a coach will be more willing to stay connected with an executive at any point in their career. For example, an executive coach may work with an executive onsite to help them think through situations. On the other hand, a coach would work primarily with the executive remotely and meet them onsite for the critical moments.

Who Needs Executive Coaching?

  1. senior executives who are facing a particular challenge needs Executive coaching

The most difficult task of the day is to wake up in the morning and start the routine. When you wake up, you don\’t know what the day has in store for you. To help you avoid unnecessary anxiety, we suggest starting an executive coaching process. Executive coaching is typically offered for senior executives who are facing a particular challenge. It is more like a close friend who can provide you with constructive criticism and help analyze your thoughts and feelings during different moments of the day/week.

2. Leaders who are undergoing stress and anxiety

Mental health challenges affect many people\’s lives in different ways. The executive coaching process assists individuals to focus on their goals and brings sustenance to the daily routine. So those who are suffering from mental issues can opt for this coaching. In addition, this coaching process helps to manage their stress levels and anxiety levels.


3. The leader who wants a change, and development

The main concentration of Executive coaching is to bring a behavior change. Therefore, leaders who want a positive behavior change can opt for executive coaching. This executive coaching aid person development as well personality development leading to the overall growth of a person.

Person development is an action plan to transform the personality and support the needs of people. This action plan has two parts: personality development and personal development, both of which are important for career success. This coaching does this.

The confidence received from the coaching and the encouragement received from the person\’s development will allow the person to be where he/she is today, more agile, and able to handle challenges easily. With the growth of all of his relationships, the company can also reach new levels.

What Do Executive Coaches Charge?

Finding and securing executive coaching can be a time-consuming and challenging task, so you might be wondering what to expect when hiring a coach. Executive coaching is significantly more costly than interview coaching.

Executive coaches are designed for leaders with difficult personalities. The type of executive coaching that you need is generally based on the type of personality you have as a leader. If you have a difficult personality, you will need a tough personality coach to work on your obstinate ways. Accordingly, the rate gets fixed.

The cost of an executive varies according to the person you approach. But still, there is a minimum and standard amount they charge. Also, the charge varies accordingly with sessions you have with the coach the places in which you are. You\’ll find a wide range of pricing packages per session, per month, and per engagement and type of methodology (E.g., face-to-face, by phone, via Skype, etc.). Generally, it varies from 10,000 to 1 lakh for one session.

How Do I Prepare For Executive Coaching?

As processes go, the executive process can be quite complicated. This process is intended to sustain the executive in their role of leadership over their personal life. But, when structuring this process, it is important to remember that it is a process meant for one individual. What each individual needs will vary widely depending on the individual\’s personality and goals. For example, one person might need to be put into a meditative space while another might need to be put in a time-sensitive

A company\’s culture can be notched up by tailoring the executive process to take into account the personality and goals of the client. For example, a client with a high-octane leadership style may require a quick-twitch action-oriented process, while a passive client may want a more deliberative approach with more explanation.

Actually, there is a need to panic. But, I am here to help you with the planning and preparing process to make your job easier! So, now let\’s look at the preparation process of the Executive coaching.

It\’s the first time ever. You have booked an appointment for your first session with an executive coach; you have to prepare for it, get benefited, and make the session corporative.

When you meet the coach, you must be prepared to answer about yourself. Which roots in the self-assessment. The first is to analyze yourself and your talent.
Suppose you participate in an executive coach program. In that case, you are going to have to answer some questions and give your life story. That\’s, of course, nothing new, but what you may not be prepared for is the coaching that comes from the questions you answer.

A fair amount of homework before starting working with any of your coaches is essential. So, brainstorming could help you. And one of the things that came up quickly was self-assessment. Do you have one of those careers where you\’re the first person your family knew to deal with that kind of self-evaluation?

Creating A Vision

Try to establish a vision of what success looks like and how the collaboration might work. Successful executive coaching is a multidimensional art. The goal of the executive coach is to facilitate the achievement of the client\’s objectives. By systematically analyzing the coaching outcomes, these skills and styles can be prioritized and refined for the maximum benefit for clients. Try to jot down the following questions, which might help you to prepare.

  • In the Executive coaching process, how would you approach and connect with your coach?
  • What is your vision as a leader?
  • What are your objectives? How would you react if your coaching process didn\’t turn out well? Conversely, how would you react when your goals are achieved?
  • What will be your views and vision in achieving your desired outcome?
  • How would you relate your success with your personal life?

Formulate The Strategy

After self-assessment and creating your vision, the next is to assess your emotional state of mind, which decides your engagement with the coach. Your normal state must match to have a successful engagement you\’re your coach. Finally, formulate strategies to assess your condition.

One of the simple ways is to have a note and a pen. First, draw a line in the middle of the page. Then, on one side, write down what goes best for you, and on the other side, what is going wrong or may go better.

Another strategy that would go well is the CTRL-ALT-DELETE method.

CTRL- Have control over your best ability
ALT- Have alternate/ new in your career
Delete- Try to delete the one which is going bad for you.

These strategies help to cope and prepare you for the Executive coaching and act as the key to success.

Developing The Goals & Write Them Down

Once you have written down your formulated strategies of what to keep, delete, and alter new, try to brainstorm this idea and formulate some more goals that would help you to have a clear vision.

Think of possible goals from each goal and link everything into a single tree (Your idea). Jot down everything.

Once you are done with brainstorming, try to think about the following:

  • Do my goals go hand in hand with my vision?
  • Are my goals easier to achieve?
  • Do I have any obstacles in achieving my goals? If so, how I am going to confront it and turn it into an achievable action.?

Be Open To Everything.

This is the final step. Having an open mind is an essential factor for every process. If the executive coaching process doesn\’t turn up the success, you may run the risk of losing their executive coach and lose your goals. So, have open-minded to address everything. Be open to asking questions, queries and giving feedback. This also improves the coach\’s performance. So, try to have a bold mind and be open to everything to smoothly your experience.


Thus, Executive coaching is a process that helps a person to enhance and tune up their ability to focus on their goals by aiding development. It knows what actions and decisions are needed to move towards that goal. It is a process that helps the individual get clear in their thinking and take the right steps.

It is a professional conversation that helps each individual to enhance their abilities and overcome their challenges. It helps to continue in life because of the support needed to realize personal and professional changes.

Therefore, this Executive coaching is changing people\’s life and establishing a bright way for ages and continues to do so. This proven process is a boon to help people achieve their desired needs and bring a positive revolution!

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