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Top 7 Ways To Prevent Bullying At School  – Servon Solution

Top 7 Ways To Prevent Bullying At School 

Harassment in public includes kicking, punching, body shaming, teasing, and harming social standing. The act of bullying refers to the unwanted behavior of the accused toward the victim. Bullying at school includes one accused or a group of students harassing other students. Those who are harassed are called victims.


In this article, we\’ll go over how prevalent bullying at school is and what are the ways to prevent it.

Types Of Bullying At School

Bullying can be direct or indirect. Some examples of direct bullying would come from things during which the victim is verbally pestered, physically attacked (e.g., punched, kicked, pushed down), or socially embarrassed (e.g., taunted, refused a seat on the bus).
A student participates in indirect bullying if he or she spreads scandals, writes insulting graffiti on a couple of friends, or organizes a co-eval to ostracise that friend.

Verbal bullying

Verbal bullying means calling the funny victim names, body shaming, passing hurtful comments, giving threats, making fun in public. Making the victim ashamed in front of other students.

Social Bullying

Social bullying means destroying the victim\’s social standing and hurting the reputation. Spreading bad rumors, using unwanted pictures of victims, releasing personal information are all part of social bullying.

Physical Bullying

Physical bullying means harming the victim\’s body parts. Kicking, punching, hair pulling, tearing clothes, snatching belongings, bad gesturing are all physical bullying. Physically teasing the victim openly in front of everyone is also called molestation. The government has made strict rules regarding molestation. If caught, the accused might be jailed.


Why do some students bully others? What benefit do they get? Why does bullying take place? Why is a bully doing the bullying? Is the \”why\” really that important? It is smart that if we all know why we tend to have a far higher probability of not solely stopping the behavior but additionally preventing it in the first place.

Bullies are also mostly the same age as the victims, and they are also in trouble. However, typically they\’re smart youngsters that do unhealthy things. And why do bullies target certain youngsters? Bullies mostly pick the students who are a bit different from normal students; they\’re too tall, too short, too fat, too skinny, don\’t have enough cash, and thus don\’t wear the right garments, they aren\’t athletic enough, aren\’t cool enough, etc.

However, generally, it makes no sense why a selected kid is cowed. Bullies also target bright, funny, and engaging youngsters who aren\’t completely different from others.
Therefore, it\’s not about the kid being cowed but about the bully. Of course, this will be true in some cases, but not continuously.

Bullying Is Caused By A Variety Of Factors:


They require power and management. These children think they are leaders, should dominate their generation, and want other children to look up to them. Will come back from a home where they witnessed abuse of dominance by one parent over another, or where they were the victim of abuse or harsh, retaliatory behavior by a parent.

They lack fellow feelings for others. Some kids are naturally more sympathetic toward others, toward animals, etc. In contrast, others might have to be taught this ability as they\’re maturing. If older people and different adults fail to show this ability, this might be a contributory cause of bullying behavior.

They have title feelings. These children believe the world owes them something. Will come back from a home where they\’re given everything they need, where consequences for poor behavior are at their bottom, and where they begin to believe they\’re more valuable than most others. This kid may begin to internalize the assumption that they\’ll do something they need and get away with it, as well as bullying.

They need to be fashionable. These kids need to be the most fashionable children in school; they need everybody to understand them, like them, and wish to be their friend. They will return from a home where oldsters are under tremendous pressure to please their oldsters.

They possess feelings of jealousy or inadequacy, or low vanity. The bullies try to release their anger on the people they are jealous of. Although generally, their bullying is targeted toward peers, they understand as higher than them or peers that have one thing they need. Their behavior is commonly a shot at making themselves feel better.

Once we perceive the bully, it\’s abundantly easier to know why they target certain kids. It could be anything like it\’s serving the purpose of bullies\’ own wants and needs. It\’s near as if they\’re the incorrect person, in the wrong place, at the incorrect time, through no fault of their own.

What Kinds Of Students Typically Get Bullied?

One vital indicator is the presence or absence of friends during a student\’s life. Juniors are mostly bullied as they are easy targets. They lack physical health and cannot protect themselves from bullies. Also, they do not have a big circle of friends who can protect them from bullies. Older boys usually bully younger kids. The most common targets are physically weak students because they are easy targets.

Passive victims and provocative victims are two types of bullying that will help clarify what bullying is: Passive victims are physically weaker than most of their classmates. They stay away from physical activities like sports and also avoid violence. However, they are also emotionally weak.


Provocative victims are also anxious and aggressive. They\’ll even have poor social skills and tend to irritate or alienate their classmates. They will create mischief and complain to the teacher by taking someone else\’s name and enjoying the victim getting punished.

Victims are always scared of bullies. That is why they do not take any step against bullies. They fear that if they complain about it, then the bully will screw them. The students who acquire a good percentage of marks are mostly hated by those who fail to score good marks. As a result of this jealousy, the bad scorers try to harass the good scorers. First, they make them ashamed in front of other students to destroy their image. Then, by bullying them, they try to relieve their stress.

Bad Impacts Of Bullying

1. Impact On Academics

The victims are sometimes so scared that they are not able to focus on the lecture. Instead, it becomes their main task to protect themselves from bullies. As a result, they will interact in specific ways to avoid the bully (for example, illness and being sent to the first aid room to avoid sports activities class). They may even develop a visible anxiety disorder about attending regular school.

2. Impact On Health issues

Some victims suffer from mental illness, and it continues until they become adults. They typically grow to look at themselves as outcasts and failures, which consequently impacts their tutorial performance and triggers fears of loneliness, anxiety, and depression. In addition, various other impacts like introverted nature, skipping school, social isolation, bad academic results, depression, anxiety, etc.

The effects of bullying at school may be physical. These will vary from the broken property and removing clothes to bruises, cuts, and scratches. These physical effects will have long-term consequences. Victims might, as an example, feel driven to steal cash to exchange broken property or hold weapons at a high school to shield themselves. Additionally, victims of bullying tend to interiorize their pain, which may increase their risk of dangerous or self-harming thoughts, which may cause suicide attempts.


Publicly harassing and insulting gives a very bad and long-term effect on mental health. Even some of the problems might be carried to adulthood. The future effects of bullying at school on victims typically follow them into adulthood. As time passes, they stop trusting adults as they perceive that all the adults are the same. As a result, most victims suffer from low shallowness and a negative self-image.

Physical bullying is the most dangerous type of bullying. It not only gives physical pain but also it gives immense mental illness. In addition, however, it will negatively affect the bully, and people will further witness peer victimization.

Victims of bullying usually raise anxiety, depression, and feelings of loneliness. These factors put the victim under great mental pressure. Suicidal thoughts come to the mind of the victim. Peer victimization can also cause unhealthy behaviors like further misuse as vanity and medical specialty issues. Bullies are mostly seen consuming drug medication and alcohol as adults, interacting in criminal behavior, and being physically abusive towards others as adults.

All those involved, the victim, accused, and the people watching, will have negative effects. Speak up to your kids. Make them familiar with the risk of bullying. Make them physically strong so that they become capable of fighting on their own. Make your kid strong mentally so that he can handle situations like bullying at school.

How To Prevent Bullying At School?

  1. Talk about it

Make bullying at school an openly discussed topic. Talk about bullying in assembly conduct meetings. When it is an openly discussed topic, then it will impact the bullies. Knowing the punishments and all the pros and cons of bullying, students will stop doing it. Everything should be discussed openly with the students.

  1. Deciding punishment

Decide some hard punishment for the students who indulge in bullying at school. Make rules and regulations. Doing this will spread a sense of fear among the students, and they will think twice before doing the bullying.

  1. CCTV

The areas like corridors, playgrounds, washrooms are out of reach of teachers. Places like washrooms, playgrounds, and closed corridors are the main spots of bullies. CCTV cameras should be installed in these locations in order to monitor every aspect of the school.

  1. Monitors

Choose a monitor for the class. The monitor will always be with the class wherever the students go. Monitoring the class and keeping an eye on the naughty kids will not give them the chance to bully anyone. The monitors should be strictly informed that he/she has to report to the teacher if any mischief occurs. More and more reports will alarm the bullies. They will become aware that if they do it repeatedly, the results might be dangerous.

  1. Informing parents

Informing parents is the best step towards controlling bullying at school. Parents will keep their kids in control. Children are best tackled by their parents. Parents will guide their kids properly. When the students come to know that their parents are being informed regarding the bullying at school, they will get scared. This will help in controlling bullying.

  1. Motivate and empower

Search for introverted students, always remain alone, do not talk much, try to avoid gatherings, and do not participate in sports activities. Bullies frequently target physically and mentally weak students and should be motivated.
Motivating and empowering these kids will help them to gain confidence. They will develop the courage to fight with the bullies. Fighting back and protesting against the bullies will definitely stop bullying.

  1. Making friends

Bullies usually target single students. The students who always remain alone are easy targets. So make friends and hang out with your group. Having a good friend circle gives confidence. If you walk in a group, then the chances of being bullied are reduced.

  1. Involving Bystanders

Bystanders are people who watch the whole drama by standing aside. For example, if there is a fight or an accident, then many people surround the place where it happened; these people are called bystanders. They are always more in numbers than the accused and the victim. So if they take the stand of protecting the victim, then it will surely force the bully to take his/her steps back.

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