Ten ways in which parents can serve as a mentor to Students

Ten ways in which parents can serve as a mentor to Students

Upon reading the title, the first question that comes to mind is, can parents also become mentors? What are the key points to keep in mind when mentoring children? Is there anything you should do to prepare for mentoring? How can you be certain that you are making the right decision in certain scenarios? What makes mentorship so important to both parents and students? In what ways is mentorship going to impact children? What are the benefits of children getting mentored by their parents? Throughout this article, you will get all the answers to the abovementioned questions. Stay connected!!

It is not only the students of schools that need guidance but also their children after graduation. Inevitably, they will sometimes get confused and unable to choose the right choice during their lives. As we all know, parents play an extremely important role in their child\’s life. Sometimes they become good mentors, sometimes they become friends, sometimes teachers, and sometimes just act as parents. Why is that? It is known that children find plenty of difficulties in their lives and cannot seem to find their way through. As a result, parents are always present to guide their children and help them through difficult times.


Due to their experience, good life knowledge, education, and success motivation, parents are an excellent source of information for young people. In short, I do not believe that we need anyone else to mentor our children; parents are enough. Mentoring can be effectively done in the family environment because sometimes children find it inherently so in some relationships. Still, in a family, there needs to be a family environment.

What are the points to keep in mind to become a good mentor as a parent?

Whenever children are present, they should have a friendly environment where nobody is arguing with them or giving them advice that they don\’t want. Regardless of how you approach them, they want someone who understands them and guides them, not rudely, but with love and peace. Hence, as a parent, always motivate your child to participate in what he or she is interested in doing. Research has shown recently that 250 fields have been established in India for each child to explore themselves and to make their future in that specific field. So don\’t ever make them feel like what they are doing isn\’t worthwhile.


Mentoring is not so easy that you have ever thought about giving your child lectures and advising him or her to do so. Nope. Instead, you should teach children the importance of time by not doing this. You are an experienced one, and they have not seen the world the way you have, so try to motivate them to do their fieldwork by teaching them about the conditions you have faced. Then, use your past experiences to teach them that they\’ve never dealt with problems like this before.
Parents\’ contributions are always more important than anyone\’s guidance since they are devoted to their children and proud to have them as parents. Children often learn from their parent\’s experiences, and often they don\’t. Having the responsibility of mentoring children is your duty, not only for their education but also for their life experience.

How can you become a good mentor?

The mentor is always present for the mentee. When you are doing a house-making project, and your children approach you and ask a question, reply to them and explain everything to them. Self-knowledge and self-activation are both essential for becoming a good mentor. Before sharing your knowledge with your child, you should learn things for yourself. Read articles related to becoming a good mentor on YouTube, watch YouTube videos on how to be one, and read newspapers or magazines to expand your knowledge.


Don\’t hesitate to give them feedback on their work that will allow them to improve. Don\’t be afraid to give your child the truth when you speak to them. Listening more and talking less can help children understand things and gain knowledge more effectively. It can help them gain a better grasp of things and to learn more by listening more.
Parent knows how to nurture their child, what their habits are, and what they want from their child. It is, therefore, very easy for a parent to become a mentor. Providing a stimulating environment at home is possible if you support children in all aspects. Of course, it goes without saying that children always look up to their parents as their first teachers.

10 Ways, as parents, you can serve as mentors for your child-

Support children in their academic activities-


Your job as a mentor for your child should include supporting them. They know how to explore things because of the changing world, and children are very creative thinkers. They had creative and engaging minds during their adolescence, just like you did. So, support them in every decision they make because if you force them to do the work they do not want to do, this is risky and will make them less productive. Keep your child aware of the world around them and the changing generations. Don\’t lock them into a lifetime of only studying, but let them explore the world and encourage them to pursue their passions.

Become their friend-


Children are always kind-hearted. They turn toward that side, where they find good bonding, affinity, brotherhood, affection, and love. Therefore, before you directly guide your child, you should mix with them first. Let them know your views, your experience, your life mistakes, your correct decisions, your thinking for their future, your past, and calculate how much time they have wasted. Once you become a friend, it will become easier for you to understand your child\’s perspective on your thoughts and even easier for you to understand their perspectives on various things. Do you find that many students find it difficult to share the details of what is going wrong in their lives? What will you do if they share their situations with you? How will you respond? In other words, many of the children feel uncomfortable discussing their thoughts with you due to all these questions. Therefore, you should behave as if you understand them and understand if they have made any mistake. You shouldn\’t scold them because, next time, they won\’t be able to share their things with you if you don\’t understand them.

Explore their thinking and mind-


Educate your children to become smart. The world is full of crazy people. All around the world, there are people who are obsessed with coming first in everything. Share your experiences with your child, as life has ups and downs, and what you have seen with your own eyes and the types of people you have met. Tell them to always be on guard for any situation and to do what they want because going into a field they dislike is worthwhile. Help them explore things. As long as you don\’t help them elaborate on their ideas, their views on their thinking will not be solidified. In every situation, parents are the first ones to help their child become a good explorer, a good learner, and the craziest of doing whatever he or she desires.

Encourage them to develop self-esteem-


Is it true that young children do not understand what self-esteem means? Don\’t be afraid to tell them about it; in the world of different people, many faces hide something else behind them, and something else is in front of them. Make them aware of those faces and tell them there are many who are opposed to you moving forward; help them to develop their self-esteem by telling them they aren\’t alone. They are young kids, so sometimes their mind gets to wander with what people say to them; ensure they are not always correct and tell them not to listen to anyone or anything other than their parents or siblings. Keeping a child motivated to develop knowledge and self-confidence that can one day lead them to greater heights is important, as these small things can have a tremendous impact on a child\’s mind.

Improve social and emotional skills-

The innocence of children is a thong of kindness, softness, forgivingness, and much knowledge of good values. Therefore, they sometimes make wrong decisions and associate with unsuitable people. You need to teach them that you can deal with situations that can make them feel depressed or de-motivated. Help them develop the capacity to become strong on a social and emotional level. As a result, they will follow your time values and guidance since it is only through our mistakes or experiences that we learn to handle new situations which arise in our lives.

Tell them to improve their productivity-

People are searching for only one thing: productivity. To reach the highest point in your life, you need to be productive. As parents, we can help our children become more and more productive in their field of interest throughout life. It will be useless to tell them to do what they do not want in order to live a happy life as neither you nor your child will be able to live happily if you do this. Therefore, help them to research various points in which they have to learn and master themselves. Whenever you make a decision, try to choose what is best for you both as a parent and for your child. Working hard, being dedicated, being self-motivated, and being positive are some of the ways to achieve productivity. You will see the results once they understand the value of all together.

Support them to develop their confidence and heightened self-awareness-

Nowadays, what is most important? Having self-confidence and being aware of ourselves! A parent-mentor should prepare themselves to teach a confidence level chapter to a child every day. Increasing a child\’s confidence will be easier through this method. It\’s also a good idea to have them read awareness sections as well because there are many chances of fraud and all. Teach your child to identify people by their reactions, mannerisms, way of expressing themselves, etc. It is important to pay attention to these small-small things because small mistakes today cause a lot of life problems for everyone.

Teach them values other than studies too-


The children need more than bookish knowledge to have an all-around education. While studying is important, extracurricular activities also play a significant role. Studying can lead to children becoming great doctors or engineers. Still, if they are given a chance to become all-rounders, those same children will become great explorers and personalities. So instead of only making your child a bookworm and only letting them study, give them other valuable experiences.

Provide them with clear pathways toward life and ensure them that you are with them in every decision of them-

It\’s difficult for children to find someone to understand them, and they don\’t expect others to stand with them or support them in any way aside from their parents. However, children also have an ability to determine what is right for them; therefore, encourage them to follow that path and work to make sure they have a bright future ahead of them.

Never become miser in appreciating your child-

It is not uncommon for parents to always concentrate their time on other children rather than their own; this affects children since they too want their parents to value them; they too have worked hard and have grown up with you. They, too, expect you to value them. Additionally, never compare your children with other people as one is unique. Not everyone has the same ability level or level of intelligence.



Therefore, regardless of whether your child is a rank holder or not, they are all unique. You know your child better than any other mentor, so it\’s easy to be a parent and a mentor at the same time. By following the above points, you can be the appropriate mentor for your mentee child. This will create a strong bond between you and your child. Furthermore, I do not believe that any other mentor can be more valuable than parents. Every child looks up to their parents because they are someone with whom they have affection and respect for following the path their parents have taken.

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