How Technology Can Help You Teach? Here\’s what you need to know!

\”Rhea\’s day at school, like any other day, starts with the English teacher operating the smartboard and computer to teach her favorite story. She is very much excited as the teacher opens a video and plays it to the whole class. She is immersed in the characters of the story so much that she imagines herself as one of the story\’s main characters.

Next came the maths teacher, who writes the sums and teaches on the blackboard and instructs the students to note them down. Rhea does as told and continues to listen to the rest of the classes regularly. Back home, she revises the concepts taught in the school for the test that was to be conducted the next day. After the test, she scores well in English but not in maths. However, when her parents and teacher assessed her performance, it is understood that Rhea is very well versed in the subject English rather than Maths\”.

This is a little story about how the use of technology in classroom teaching has made a greater impact on the education system. Modernization carried with it the inventions that focused on the development of a country or a nation while lead to the development of technology and hence evolvement of teaching and learning activities. This Science and technological age has provided mankind with tremendous inventions and discoveries and widened man\’s horizon.

Use of technology in classroom teaching

The present age is a computer world, and they play a vital role in the rapid growth of science and technology. Providing better education for the nation\’s future is the utmost objective of any Government, and it does whatever must be needed to develop the nation\’s economic state.

How technology is used to enhance teaching and learning

However, the merge of technology and education has proven to be the most effective way that helps an individual mold into a responsible, rightful and respectful human being. Classroom teaching has never been better as it is after technology came into existence. Teaching and learning, when infused with technology, bring out the best results. The use of technology in classroom teaching serves the ultimate goal of productive education and focuses more on knowledge-based learning.

Technology for Individualized learning

Technological invasions in teaching include electronic media and virtual media. As new techniques are introduced in education, radio and television are playing a greater part in education. The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) started television lessons for those who opted for distance education and correspondence education. The tell school lessons introduced by \’Door Darshan\’ are intended for children in most government schools and adults in adult literacy centers. The computer has become the latest medium of education.

On account of the multiple benefits of education, it is considered the most beautiful and indispensable aid in an effective education. Though the scheme of visual education was good in its planning, several difficulties in the use of technology for learning activities did not allow it to succeed in the past as most schools were not equipped with pucca rooms and electricity, so they could not benefit from this. But now, many villages and remote places are provided 24/7 electricity and an internet connection, making the learning process accessible and affordable.

All the resources needed for learning in remote areas are now accessible to everyone at a much more affordable rate and technology is reaching every part of the country. Students in India are actively using technology to learn and create something new. Technical knowledge like no other learning has acquired the interest of a large ratio of students in our country. Technological tools are slowly occupying such areas and encouraging the Right to Education in every person no matter the race, color, creed, or gender.

How Technology is used in l

As a result of technical and scientific advances, it is most necessary for our society and the government to think about this matter and effectively bring the media into educational institutions. Smart tools like computers, projectors, smart boards, and tabs must be operated and used in teaching in a classroom; this method enhances the learning experience. These tools make teaching easier as they provide enormous amounts of information when connected with the internet and social media. Systems store information in file format.

virtual tools for classroom teaching

This will enable the teacher to save the previously taught material in the classroom and revise it again. With the help of social media, students and teachers can go through websites such as Wikipedia, YouTube, and many more knowledge-sharing channels for academic purposes to connect and interact. It has revived education and brought about many reforms as well. Innumerable educational YouTube videos are available on the internet that solely serves the purpose of teaching and providing abundant information from different sources.

Experts in various fields post these visual aids. Students can also update themselves on the current happenings around the world and also can be a bigger addition to the curriculum as it nurtures young minds. The modern education system and structure date back to the British-occupied education system, where lots of the present methodologies were taken from. These stimulated a need for education, and eventually, many people were allowed to be educated.

So far, as education is concerned; classroom methods of teaching have seen a lot of changes. Teachers think that their job is over by simply teaching the lessons. The students imagine that their part is over by mere attendance. There is no close relationship between the teacher and the student. So, there seems to be a low possibility of grabbing the essence of experience, which is more valuable than most books.

Student learning online

This is where technological tools step in. They will be able to engage the students and the staff alike. With their attractive appearances and metallic surfaces, they provide the utmost comfort while carrying around. Children will be curious about the gadgets and tools and experiment with them. They will be exposed to the digital world and discover many opportunities. Teachers will also be trained to work with technological tools and teach simultaneously in a classroom. Most students will be keen to learn in digitalized classrooms and prefer such learning tools over traditional teaching methodologies.

Technology and digitized teachers

Teachers have a chance to reduce duration while teaching orally as most of the teaching or to describe the subject will be done by the AI (Artificial Intelligence); in this way, students will be able to self-assess themselves and learn by themselves. Tabs and laptops provide activities that emphasize the thinking ability of the students. They will be able to share and collaborate with their peers on any projects that improve their social interactions.

Teachers using technology in classroom teaching

If a student wants to experience the fun of learning, the environment of the classroom must be enticing. The teacher, along with using such technological aids to teach, must be aware of the positives and drawbacks of the pupil. So, creating a convincing and comfortable classroom environment should be the topmost priority of schools and colleges. This drives the mental ability of the ones present in the class, and students will be able to perform ethically. The school management\’s main objective is to provide classrooms with proper visual comfort and acoustics for teachers to teach and students to study without any interruptions.

It is a proven fact that students were only able to hear 75% of what the teacher said due to the disarrangement of auditory and visual aids in the classroom design. It wears the students and decreases their productivity as they have to put a lot of stress on hearing the teacher and looking at the disorganized board. There are also high chances of reducing concentration and decreasing the student\’s learning process. Usage of technological aids such as smart boards, computers, and pads while teaching helps the motor ability of students with special needs.

This is a huge addition to their period of study as it offers external help with whatever is taught in the class by the teacher by transmitting the information to the pupil in their required methodology. As learning is often affected by listening, it is important to build thick partitions and proper walls, as the sound can travel from one class to corridor and one class to another, making it a noisy environment.

As a result, students might hear one thing in the classroom and write another in the examination.
When it comes to online classes or virtual/e- learning courses, we can say that technology has made a greater impact on the students by offering facilities that wouldn\’t interrupt their education. As this pandemic is also one of the reasons for the increase in the usage of online classes, the teaching has been promoted from the physical classroom to virtual classes, where the students will be able to attend the classes in the comfort of their home as well.

This became a little easier for the teachers as they would be able to spread their attention and focus on every individual at a closer distance. The same goes for virtual courses of different streams. Its greatest asset is that the course is offered to anyone who wants to learn and earn, irrespective of their age, and be awarded an e – certificate, which might be the greatest addition to his/her qualifications. These courses can be taken up by anyone who wishes to explore their horizons.

In such a way, classroom teaching also promotes students\’ skills and the efforts that they put in. Teachers also get to see the potential of the students as they can now convey the information creatively and durably. Of course, using technology has its ups and downs. It may cause issues like strain and instability in students if used for longer than a limited period. This is quite expensive for all the schools to merge in their teaching and takes up a lot of classroom space. Students will be covered with gadgets, tools, and devices all around, eventually making them tuned to that environment.

Technology And Education Opportunities

Another issue is the advancements and the awareness that it must create in the remote areas where technology is still taboo. If all these problems persist, then technological development gets halted as a result of slowing down the nation\’s development. Technology has become more of a boon rather than a bane.

It is the new normal, and the present age of digitalization is striving to bridge the gap between the dated or traditional era and the modern futuristic innovative era. Students enter into a world filled with colors and try to approach each challenge with new and unique ideologies. They are fascinated by the advancements of technology and build a career out of it. The use of technology in classroom teaching incorporates different learning styles and allows students to take ownership of their studies. Children, on the other hand, are very keen about their choices, develop a sense of independent attitude, and thrive on working to improve their attributes.

Impacts of technology on education

There is no further explanation as to why technology can have a bigger impact on their education, but the answer lies in the future chosen by young minds. Technology has paved the way for future generations as it increases job opportunities and makes a man\’s life easier.

Using technological tools like Projectors and computers in a classroom enables the students to depend less on the teachers and more on the knowledge provided by the devices. With the support of such technical tools, students will be able to prepare, practice, and perform on their own. They tend to research things and study on their own. It increases not only the reflexes of the students but also their imaginative power of the students. By engaging in group activities, children will be able to make decisions that influence the whole group themselves.

Using such technology might sometimes make the students addicted to the devices by decreasing their physical activities. It also might reduce their usage of writing on paper and learning through blackboard. But students and teachers will be able to perform activities while using technical tools, which they never had a chance to while following the traditional teaching methodology. Classroom teaching while using technology will provide instant access to information, makes it easier to grab knowledge, and provides opportunities to explore.

For instance, children will understand the lesson or a story if it is in the form of an animation or a movie. They can now use single tabs or windows while drawing and painting and not waste a pile of papers to erase their mistakes. This way, teachers and students will be more than happy and comfortable with each other as they share their recordings with the class.

These promote social interactions as they will have a chance to publish their innovative and creative works in online communities. Their work is known to a larger audience and reaches the corners of the world because technology is the new normal!

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