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Top 10 Highest paying Jobs for Commerce Students  – Servon Solution

Top 10 Highest paying Jobs for Commerce Students 

Jobs for Commerce Students 

Commerce is and will always be the cornerstone upon which all other sectors are built, both in India and around the world. So it comes as mainstream that candidates want to work in the commerce stream and earn great salaries. business offers the most stable careers which opens up a world of limitless possibilities for you, both locally and internationally. Getting a strong degree and doing a few top Commerce certification courses is the greatest method to get top employment in the commerce stream. We\’ll look at some of the top positions in the commerce field in this article.

What is the highest position in business? Thank goodness, there are several. Numerous businesses, including accounting, finance, risk management, investment banking, and e-commerce, offer professional opportunities in the field of commerce. These commerce stream positions not only pay well, but they also give workers the chance to explore a variety of career options. Consequently, they can eventually diversify their skill set. In India, there are a number of highest-paying careers in the field of business that provide both financial and psychological satisfaction. Continue reading to learn about the fantastic selection of occupations in business, including some that can be quite fulfilling.

This list of specific commerce occupations can assist you in choosing your career path. Taking a look at the list of occupations in the commerce stream

Highest paying Jobs for Commerce Students

The following is a list of the best jobs in India for commerce majors: 

  • Chartered Accounting (CA) 
  • Investment Banker 
  • Chartered Financial Assistant (CF) 
  • Actuary Cost Accountant (CA) 
  • Professional Accountant 
  • Retail Manager 
  • Company Secretary (CS) 
  • Personal Financial Assistant (PFA)
The best jobs in India for commerce majors

Here lies the details of certain job prospects for commerce students –

1. Chartered Accountant – A top-paying position in the commerce stream, chartered accounting is one of the best. After passing a number of tests and internships, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, or ICAI, designates a person as a registered CA. One of the most sought-after careers in the sector of business in India is this one, which also happens to be one of the highest paying. With an initial pay of between Rs. 6 and Rs. 7 lakhs per year, this is one of the best jobs in commerce.

2. Investment Banker – Don\’t pass up this opportunity if you\’re looking for work in business. For Indian commerce students, this is among the top careers available. The highest pay in business is available as an investment banker. The responsibility of an investment banker is to offer suggestions and counsel to a range of businesses and organisations so that they can make the most use of their resources and meet their financial objectives. This is a great career for commerce that you can search for, because they can make up to 30 LPA with expertise.

3. Chartered Financial Analyst – One of the most important positions in the sphere of management of investments is that of Chartered Financial Analyst. CFA is one of the top paying occupations in India\’s commerce sector. The average compensation for commerce students who choose this is Rs. 12 lakhs per year, ranking this career highly in the commerce stream. It is one of the top commercial careers available today, and a CFA is crucial to many industries, including asset management, equities, revenue analysis, credit analysis, and many more.

4. A qualified accountant 

Professional accountants provide accounting, tax, compliance, and reporting support to CAs. They must therefore be proficient in using sophisticated programmes like SAP, Tally, and Excel. 

A professional accountant typically earns around INR 3 Lakh per year.

6. Actuary

Actuaries are professionals that work in the insurance industry. In addition to helping the organisation plan for potential risks/losses via risk management and mathematics, they are in charge of analysing and evaluating the risks related to the industry. 

These risks include anything that could hurt a person or a business, from property loss to incapacitating conditions. Actuaries\’ annual salaries might range from INR 9 to INR 10 lakh depending on a number of variables.

7. Personal Financial Advisor 

Personal financial advisors work in a very specialised field, and each client has different responsibilities. A personal financial advisor must create investment plans based on each client\’s financial situation, much like a personal shopper. 

A personal financial advisor\’s annual compensation is INR 4 lakhs, to begin with.

Personal Financial Advisor 

8. Financial Analyst 

Financial examiners earn between 4 and 5 lakhs rupees annually. They are employed by banks and other financial organisations, and their main duty is to make sure the business complies with all laws and guidelines set forth by the government.

9. Retail Manager 

The ideal career choice if you desire work that moves more swiftly is a retail manager in financial methods and goals. 

You need to be an excellent problem solver if you want to succeed as a retail manager. You are successfully tackling problems from the front and the back to maximise the team. 

Every aspect of a store\’s daily operations will be under your control.

Since the time your parents were students, commerce has greatly increased. Businesses nowadays, as opposed to a few decades ago, have clear organisational structures and responsibilities, with each holding a specific responsibility for the operation of the company. 

There is always room for expansion with employment opportunities in the commerce sector. As a result, employers are seeking people with expertise in their desired positions, and demand for jobs focused on commerce is at an all-time high. 

It is best to take a specialist course since employers will pay those who can meet their requirements. If you continually improving your resume, your compensation will rise.

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