To become a good student, one must be eager to accept new information and inquisitive enough to know new things. Success in the classroom can provide the groundwork for success in other spheres of life. A satisfying career may eventually result from a student\’s ability to enter a competitive institution thanks to their academic performance. But according to educator Ed Bain, a student\’s enthusiasm for studying should take precedence above all other considerations. The best students, according to Bain, are \”deep learners\” who put in more effort than is necessary to get by. He claims that these students will have the most fulfilling and long-lasting educational experiences.


• Take Part in Class

The student must be there in order to learn the content and keep up with the day\’s assignments. Being prepared for class makes it simpler for the student to stay involved and engaged after they arrive on time. Changing your habits can help you promote participation. For instance, something as straightforward as choosing a different seat in class can have an effect. To demonstrate passion and engagement, the Minnesota Department of Higher Education advises sitting in the front row. The pupil shouldn\’t be shy about asking inquiries if he has any.

• Study

A good student prioritizes studying outside of class, whether it is at home or in study hall. For some students, it is beneficial to study at specified hours or in a designated distraction-free location. Others believe that studying in groups is advantageous. According to a research reported in \”Business Communication Quarterly,\” some students discover that visual aids enhance in information retention. Visually-oriented pupils may benefit from using flash cards, charts, and graphs.

• Take Extra Steps

A student must pay close attention to the little things and seize possibilities that others would pass up if she is to truly flourish. She submits work that is well-organized, readable, and structured in accordance with the teacher\’s guidelines. And when opportunities come, she completes additional projects for extra credit.


There are many talents that a commerce student should have, but there are a few that are particularly crucial. Here is a list of them:

1. Communication Skills: Students studying commerce need to be proficient in communication. 90% of students majoring in commerce seek careers as managers, professionals (such as CA, CS, CFA, CMA), accountants, economists, and businessmen. A student needs communication skills for all of these since they will help them in their profession.

2. Debating abilities: If you\’re still in school or taking undergrad classes, you should work on honing this ability. The rationale is straightforward: You must have strong arguing abilities if you want to pursue a postgraduate degree from one of the greatest institutions, like IIM. Your admittance to such reputable universities will be aided by this.

3. Analytical abilities: This is the most crucial ability to have. You must be able to comprehend the finances of any company if f you are a student of commerce.

4. Learning skills: This is another essential talent. Every person should be able to perform this ability. If you are proficient in this skill, you will stand out from the competition.

5. Leadership: If you are a student of commerce, you will lead in the future. It is important that you have this skill because it will set you apart from scientific students.

6. Management: You should be skilled in organizing your environment. You will benefit from this when you have a managerial, executive, or professional position in the future.

7. Making decisions: Students studying business need to be able to make decisions because they will need to handle many problems in the workplace. You must be able to make decisions quickly. Additionally, your choices must be supported by evidence. So put some effort into it.

Problem-solving, math, time management, concept presentation, listening, multitasking, and other abilities are also included.

8. Money Management: Yes, money management! It makes perfect sense to use this in business. We must save money in order to avoid becoming beggars in the future, thus it is really vital.

9. Human behavior: We learn a lot about how people think when it comes to how they spend their money. We are aware of how the economy as a whole functions and how shopkeepers deceive customers.

10. Time Management: I am aware that time management is a skill that everyone has, but it is crucial for someone in business.

Sometimes studying alone is insufficient to achieve academic excellence. Your attitude toward your work has an impact on your performance as well. If every student followed a useful, healthy regimen that would propel them toward achievement, they could all do better or even the best.

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