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The Next Big Thing in Education – Technology – Servon Solution

The Next Big Thing in Education – Technology

Technology, the next big thing in education

Technology is the Next Big Thing in Education for 2022 and beyond. During the early days of the pandemic in the year 2020, the spotlight was pretty bright on education technology. Still, experts claim that the technology\’s benefits didn\’t focus on teachers, lecturers, professors, coaches, etcetera.

School districts and instructors are taking a fresh look at educational technology due to this new perspective, paving the way for a brighter future for technology in the classroom. Technological innovations have been radically impacted every element of our society, including education. As a result, today\’s students have grown up with internet-connected devices in their homes and in the classroom, which has changed their learning patterns.

Students will choose to employ modern methods as future education technology transforms learning. Meanwhile, technology will play a huge part in the destiny of education, assuring that the new teaching devices are put to the nicest possible use will require a new generation of educators who understand the implication of human relationships in educational arenas.

Maryville University\’s liberal studies degree can lead to a satisfying and engaging career in secondary education. However, students who opt for this road must develop the knowledge and abilities essential to operate the new educational technology to maximise their benefits for today\’s and tomorrow\’s middle and high school students.

People\’s say on it

People appear to be coming up to the fact that ed-tech is no longer a separate category and that technology is a component of practically everything kids do, as said by Bart Epstein, CEO of the EdTech Evidence Exchange. He says that educators are asking for more information about which pupils are using particular tools and how often and successfully they are doing so.


According to Ryan Baker, a researcher at the University of Pennsylvania\’s Graduate School of Education, school districts adopted pretty much anything they could during this covid-19 pandemic. There were nice settings that enhanced students\’ learning adventures while providing teachers with a user database, and there were bad platforms. It was a waste of time and resources, created an unpleasant experience, and provided no learning benefits.



The next question that comes up is that what did it lead to? Well, teachers were able to explore a wide range of possibilities and try things they might not have tried before as a result of the widespread adoption. And that means a major shift in 2022 when effective platforms will continue to develop — albeit at a slower pace than during the pandemic\’s peak — while the rest will be discontinued.

Instructors who immediately accepted something during the pandemic are quickly de-adopting it.

The implication of it for this year: 2022

While several provinces are still expanding stimulus currency without surveying and analysing their choices, Epstein claims that most provinces now have a greater understanding of technology than they did before COVID-19 and seek information on the tools children utilise.

Dan Carroll, a former teacher and the founder of Clever, a company that helps school systems integrate ed-tech solutions, insists that more than half of the teachers he polled expect to keep using the majority of the new technology they\’ve implemented. However, the epidemic left a massive learning gap across the country, which is where ed-tech may help.


\”The next big thing for students who have fallen behind is going to be tutoring and quasi-learning centre experiences,\” Epstein says. However, the changeover will be a \”huge disaster\” that wastes money. At the same time, people figure out the best way to deploy the technology. For example, it is believed by well known and renowned people that tutoring is a market that technology businesses should occupy because schools are not set up to recruit local, outside tutors and then manage a wholly new programme that blends their work with classroom teachers\’ lessons.

For a few subjects, some children might require ongoing tutoring support. It is seen that more real-time tutoring is integrated into several systems, and it is expected that this trend will continue the capacity to deliver tutoring electronically as an opportunity.

Because of efforts to combine computer-based and human teaching into a single application for increased efficiency and efficacy, virtual tutoring will grow in popularity in the future years. Over the next couple of years, we will certainly see a lot more of that.

A sufficient amount of attention should also be placed on simulation technology, which helps teachers to educate in a more realistic environment to easily integrate technology into the classroom as kids learn a new skill or concept through a hands-on virtual experience. Therefore, the top organisations will not only be delivering a positive experience for the children in a specific classroom but will also be collecting essential information for the teacher.

\”I don\’t believe teachers or administrators want another big thing right now,\” Carroll says. With that in mind, I believe the next big thing in ed-tech will be about sustainability, improving end-user experiences, finding ways to collect data about what\’s working and what needs improvement, and ensuring that the massive investments in ed-tech over the past 18 months show value.

Popular tools, he believes, will make teachers\’ lives simpler by streamlining processes and saving time, as will technologies that can assist kids in learning a new skill or receiving tutoring without putting additional strain on the classroom teacher. As a result, it is predicted that those will be in high demand.

Biggest hold up in the sector

What do you think is the biggest hold up in the sector? Well, in my opinion, The greatest hold up could be a lack of venture investment in education. Now, this is changing and could be changing even faster. Now, there is a lot of investment on the non-political and non-profit sides. It\’s an example; it\’s exciting to learn that some new school bonds are being issued to fund new technologies and personalised learning software, which is encouraging more classroom innovation.

Next big innovation in education technology

What is your opinion on the next big innovation in education technology going to be? First, it will be about boosting teacher effectiveness, which it has never been about but has always needed to be. It will be all about education. Educators don\’t want to buy technology; they want to buy results that have been proven.


They want to be able to purchase results. In my opinion, teachers these days should be treated as teachers, with resources invested in their abilities. It has been demonstrated to have the greatest influence on student learning and is the next big thing in education.

the upcoming trends of technology

As we are all aware, technology is rapidly changing how we live and interact in this world. It is changing the face of every industry and sector in the most positive way imaginable. It has done so in education as well, so let us look at the latest technological advances in this field.

Tablets in classroom

For a good reason, tablets have eclipsed smartphones as the most popular mobile device among students. They are small and mobile enough for personal use, sufficient for multiple students to share, and versatile enough to behave like a video player word processor or instructional gaming device. As per a census in the year 2014, 78 per cent of elementary school students made use of tablets in their coursework.

Device Technology

According to a 2015 Pearson Education study of almost 2,000 students in grades four, there is an increase of over 12 per cent over the previous year. Between the years 2014 and 2015, middle school students used tablets at a rate of 58 per cent to 69 per cent, while high school students used tablets at a rate of 42 per cent to 49 per cent.

According to the same Pearson survey of educational trends, nine in ten students think tablets will renovate the manner students learn in the upcoming years. Therefore, the next generation of educators would be wise to consider how to incorporate tablets into their curricula, whether it forgives students\’ homework, sharing multimedia, or any other purpose.

There are various alternatives for creative tablet use for educators who have a liberal arts degree and have chosen to work in the field of education. The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) states that \”changing classroom practice with technology is hard\” — a reflection that tablets are typically used to update existing educational practises such as distributing materials and taking notes, rather than taking notes for newer, innovative purposes. Nevertheless, teachers who embrace tablets in the classroom will significantly impact their pupils, teaching them better technical literacy and increasing their learning opportunities in novel ways. In this aspect, the answer is a loud \”Yes!\” to the question, \”Is teaching a desirable career for the future?\”

Assistive technology

New technologies empower students with impairments, putting them on an equal footing with their peers than ever before. As per the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), special education assistance is given to
approximately 7 million individuals in the USA, or nearly 13% of the entire general school attendance.

A range of assistive technology gadgets is available for special education students and children with disabilities to provide the educational assistance they require. In the field of assistive technology devices, the use of alternative input tools is an important educational movement. For example, students with disabilities can use computers and tablets with modified keyboards that have larger buttons, cursors that can be controlled with their mouth or feet, and other features.

A technology which I am sure you all must be aware of and also probably would be using in your day to day life to make texting people more convenient and for which you also give a command to your iPhone Siri that is – \’Speech-to-text\’ has now become a very strong alternative option for the ones who can\’t use any type of manual input device due to some of the other disability.

Those with modest learning disabilities are also helped by more subtle technological developments, such as easy-to-read fonts that make it easier for pupils with dyslexia. This is coming up in the future educational technology developments are certainly going to break the walls that separate individuals on the basis of their learning abilities. Teachers who use these and other kinds of innovations in their classes for their students shall be at the forefront of educational innovation.

Virtual Reality/ Augmented Reality and Voice Platforms

Improved internet capabilities and network bandwidth will drive education trends, making integrating innovative technology into schools easier. Virtual reality and augmented reality are two major areas of emerging technology. Virtual reality goods show immersive digital heaven. Learners communicate in a virtual 3D universe to enrich learning experiences, while augmented reality devices enrich real-world equipment.


Google has already launched its first foray into AR/VR with a $15 cardboard VR viewer. The viewer was publicised in 2017 as part of Google\’s Expeditions app and platform. AR/VR learning is particularly a nice fit for STEM students, showing teachers access to virtual dissections, up-close explorations of microscopic organisms, and a diversity of other academic purposes.

But that isn\’t it: AR/VR technology permits learners to voyage the world without ever leaving the classroom, circumnavigating the globe. Meanwhile, voice assistants such as Google Echo and Amazon Alexa, growing in popularity in American homes, have classroom applications. Learners get quick replies utilising these goods.

They can also be utilised to play instructional events, hold classroom censuses, and communicate with students all around the globe, among other things.

The Impact of Technology on Education in the coming up Future


Tech will continue to be integrated into a wide range of instructional technology solutions. Teachers will begin seeing their programmes executing their duties in fully new ways, even if it is not noticeable or evident to the end-user. Apps will help students be placed in suitable groups, assist with resource selection, create lesson plans, grade examinations, and more.

These advancements all have one thing in common: they save teachers time in their non-classroom activities – and who wouldn\’t want that?

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