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10 Of The Most Successful Edtech Startups Of The Past Decade

Technology and education have made our lives better with an inclusive future. Education technology has made our learning easier and has made it fun. Along with it, it has given a voice to all the students in the world. It has added the tech market with different innovative products and ideas. There have been new education startups for personalizing its product, so it rather makes the world united at a personal level. Many Edtech companies provide a lot of jobs over the youngsters, but here are the top 10 Edtech companies that offer topmost salary and a lot of employers, work here getting a lot of good skills.


In this section, we will put about ten Edtech startups from the past decade that have been around after the 2020s.

Top 10 Edtech Startups

Here are some educational companies that have impacted students\’ lives in various ways. Now, these students have got access to all the technological advancements of learning methods. These startups have made these students fun with learning. There are a lot more options for EdTech mechanisms. But getting all of them is not always trustworthy. So, for the time being, students search over google to get knowledge; in that case, this article would be a boon for all of them.


Being a student or a college-going student, students focus on various companies which offer good salaries and skills. So it becomes essential to understand each of them in detail. For the students of Computer field, it becomes more essential for them to reach this knowledge. Therefore, here are the topmost ten EdTech companies that offer great salaries and skills to learn various EdTech technologies and to become future independent, this is needed.


Blackboard was founded in 1997. Its location is in Washington. Blackboard has been one of the biggest education technology companies which have hustled the earth\’s teacher\’s quality education. Tech society is one of the few companies which has got a mission for online education blackboard. It amplifies its student-teacher engagement via way of means of digitalizing the world. Blackboard has got its overall valuation stands at $700 million, which is one of the reasons why it\’s been the most important largest technology company in the education industry.

2. Byju\’s

Byju\’s was founded in 2011 as pink and learn privately limited. Its location is in Bengaluru, India. Byju\’s has covered the entire segment of school education with the main focus on math and science. Byju\’s has been one of the most valuable education tech companies in 2019, standing for $ 5.4 billion. It has allowed students to take lessons via video applications of websites.

From its beginnings as a simple education plan to its current status as a legitimate source of learning, today Byju\’s has been one of the most successful startups. The subject matter impresses both the students and the teachers, and it makes learning fun with an innovative startup. Our e-learning is easier, more effective, and more accessible due to Byju. With so many EdTech companies, Byju\’s keeps its position constant and innovative. As a result, students prefer Byju\’s for a better learning experience.  

3. Teachers Pay Teachers

It was founded in 2006. The company is located in NYC.TPT has been one of the amazing companies in the era of education technology. Primitively it connected the students with teachers and teachers with teachers allowing them to exchange their study material, but now it has been as an open marketplace business that finds funding their private equity model.

Its aim is to find the connectivity between the teacher\’s community where teachers sell their worksheets, lesson plans, and other materials with their peers starting from the pre to K-12 segment. It has been a homogeneous study syllabus. TPT has helped the members to gather the essential study material. Also, it has made it one of few Edtech Companies companies which have opened a similar business model.

4. Dreambox Learning

Dreambox learning was founded in 2006. Its location is in Seattle. As far as a lot of e-learning startups, Dreambox has been an intuitive and a lot more exciting online education platform. Dreambox learning uses various learning technology concepts rarely seen in top Edtech companies. Other education companies provide comprehensive learning, whereas Dreambox technology provides the use of technology to teach mathematics.

There is a mixture of education authenticity and technology, which makes the learning of math easy, effective, and progressive. Also, it helps the students to learn math without moving out of their comfort zone. Firstly, they understand the level of students\’ knowledge; then, they continue with the courses applicable to the particular student issues that work with them better.

5. Coursera

Founded in 2012, Coursera offers online courses. The company is based in Mountain View, California, and has connected more than 150 universities. Coursera offers a wide variety of courses from different subject areas, enabling students to learn from the best universities. In addition, students have access to demand video lectures and community startup opportunities. Coursera, with a total of nine rounds of funding, has also been one of the biggest startups that impact students via e-learning. Approximately $313 million has been raised by this Edtech company.  

6. Instructure

The instructor was founded in 2008. The company is located in Salt Lake City, UT. It is another amazing education startup that has made the teaching community reliable. There is various structure that helps the teacher in structure to create new courses and assignments. Further, it has more than 4000 universities listing with a cloud-based platform. These startups\’ ESP combines with a massive open online course to impart education with its courses.

7. Newton

Newton was founded in 2008. The company is located in NYC. Newton has been one of the most advanced top EdTech companies which focuses on various adaptive learning. It usually allows its students to understand their weaknesses as well as their strengths. It is a combination of intellectually developing the subject matter apart from the use of smart learning. Teachers receive various reports of analytics of these students. Like other startups, Newton aims to make e-learning easy and effective.

8. Chegg

Chegg was founded in 2005. The company is located in Santa Clara Cliff. Chegg has worked as its three major domains. First, it has provided digital road subject matter to these students. Second, unlike other companies, the students on Chegg opt for online doctoring on the Edtech platform. Third, it focuses on helping students with homework and self-learning techniques. Thus making students independent.

Most importantly, students learn by renting or selling books. This helps the students to reduce their border and get more financial freedom.  Chegg is something that is affordable and absolutely essential for students for earning a little extra income for their essentials. Sometimes students don\’t ask for money from their parents at a certain age. Therefore, Chegg should be an option for them. You can find out more about Chegg through Google and YouTube videos. Being a student, you must try out Chegg.


DonorsChoose was founded in 2000. The company is located in NYC. DonorsChoose has proved itself as a unique, innovative Edtech company giving its topmost priority to practical learning. It is a nonprofit organization where students get funding for the project from donors. It connects the students with the dollars. Students get work free with their innovative ideas and limit themselves to funding selflessly. This creates a culture of understanding practical applications with particular relevant subjects. DonorsChoose has got around $7,000,000 from three funding grounds.

10. Simplilearn

Simplilearn was founded in 2010. Its location is Bangalore. There are much more large-scale startups working as an extremely professional education system. Simplilearn acts as an amazing space that provides certificates for professional courses as a topmost Edtech platform. It helps with a lot of employees with different companies about each and every field. It allows its professionals to become better and best in their field and look for better job prospects. Today simply learning is making a part of its professional learning. It is our total of four funding rounds where they have got $31 million in funding.

Top 5 Best E-learning Startups


1. Zen Educate

Zen educate was founded in 2016. The company is located in London. Zen educate has been one of those companies that have used Edtech facilities, which has helped schools recreate their teaching at the topmost level. It has removed all the need to pay commissions and fees. They only work with authenticated teachers with their experience. Now further education startups similar to these ensure that the teacher gets deserved with their capability as a whole. It is students who get the best benefit of getting training and a particularly good education in over three funding rounds, then raising over a million.


Torsh was founded in 2011. Its location is in New Orleans. A torsh has been another one of the most innovative Edtech companies aiming at the top class educating these students. It allows various educators to promise education and bring improvement to their students. Unlike all the features of the professional training education startups, torsh has provided its teacher with improving performance. It bridges the student-teacher relation with next-generation solutions.

3. VIP Kid

 It was located in Beijing, China, San Francisco in 2013. \”USA VIP kid\” is a company that provides educational technology. The company provides English lessons by connecting all North American teachers. It\’s one of those companies that connects students and teachers through the best Edtech solutions. This also applies to virtual learning. Here, students relate to their companies on a larger scale with educational technology for their aims to be realized. With over $825 million raised, VIP kid has become a global teacher and student network, bringing the total value of the company to $8 billion.  

4. Guild Education

Grilled education was founded in 2015. Its location is Denver Co, where there are a lot of employers who want to pay for the education of the employees. Skilled education comes within it. Unlike with all the e-learning startups, skilled education has proved the education employees with a lot of studies while working hourly.

5. Unacademy

Unacademy was founded in 2016. Its location is Bangalore. Unacademy is one of the fastest-growing top Edtech companies, which are all consumers of approximately 300,000 students. It has a facility of video lessons as well as restrictions on ages and subjects. At present, there is a total value of more than $500 million in the last funding round. Unacademy got over $110 million.

Hence we can see there are a lot of EdTech companies started in the era of 2020 and 2021. Students of a particular year may get lots of benefits from such companies where they can learn the Ed-tech facilities and enjoy the work experience. In India, we find a lot of companies that provide such technological work experience to the functioning of quite enough yet easy go-to spirit for the aspirant.

This will make the students independent as well as financially strong. These companies are situated in India, and their branches are also foreign. Students can apply this in this field. We will see a lot of students in the tech field because this has created a lot of traffic in India.

If we go through the survey of 2019, the survey of 2020 and 2021 till date, we have seen there are within 100% of students we see more than 85% of these students choose the IT field hence encouraging the youngsters for the future studies in this field. Many more companies are best in this field, but here are the above points discussed the topmost EdTech companies. These are best in their work; people from these companies have grown to great heights and have achieved great success in their life.

Students from these EdTech companies/startups have got lots of packages in India as well as in foreign. Many students are mostly from Unacademy and Byju\’s, hence becoming the best companies of India and the world. Thus, it can be said that IT company gets a lot of crowds in India as well as in international students. From these generations, youngsters choose the IT field mostly hence encouraging students in coding will help this student get the best Edtech companies in the future and get a perfect salary.

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