10 important websites every student should know about

With technology taking the front seat in all of our lives, our productivity and efficiency have increased. It has fastened human speed by making day-to-day tasks easier. From getting up in the morning by an alarm set on a device to booking an Uber for the office, from getting dinner at your doorstep to binge-watching series on various websites, all of this is now possible with technology. It has brought everything to the comfort of your home. You can now literally do everything with just the click of a button. Technology is advancing at a great speed. With every second that passes for us, some research and developments and new innovations are released in this field. We are getting what humans might have never imagined being possible with these advancements. For example, having Alexa, human-like robots, self-driving cars, and whatnot. We are experiencing a technological era where we are always surrounded by something of this field. Most of the time, we are using one of the technology-made gadgets.

Since we have so far experienced some great impacts and uses of technology. We also experienced the pandemic of the Coronavirus. Our lives have taken a setback due to this pandemic. Lots of lives were lost, and everything came to a still for some time period. Then, slowly and slowly, everything started. This is us, humans; we always find a way to do something, whether by hook or by crook.

Similarly, in the Covid pandemic, people found ways to keep their lives running. Everything started shifting to know what, to our devices, and our systems. Some of the best innovations come at the hardest of times, and ideas can emerge at any time. In this pandemic, people from all over the world have joined helping hands. This has been possible because of the easy connectivity provided by our technology, our mobile phones being one of them.
We have been able to explore ourselves; small businesses have boomed, using social media to its best.
Similarly, students and working professionals experienced work from home and study from home. This was possible and could easily happen because of the devices, the connectivity we have today, and the variety of applications available to do any tasks. We have been using several applications on our devices now, but a lot of us are unaware of some of the very useful ones. Some applications like Zoom got a lot of attention in this work from home and online classes. We explored various applications to make certain things like teaching yoga/dance classes possible.

In our spare time, we browse through different sites read their content but as a student, what is more important to us here is how much we grasp from what we see, read and listen to online. The student phase is considered to ab an important part of our growth cycle. Whatever we become depends on how and what we study. These days we have a lot of online courses available on a lot of websites, online teaching assistants, exam preparation guides, and many more materials related to the subjects we are studying. There was a time when the internet was not much in use; students learned and completed even their holiday homework with the help of books. But now, as we are growing with technology, we have all the content available online.

With respect to a student, you must browse to the right sites and intake the right content from it as wrong knowledge can equally be dangerous as little knowledge.
Here are ten websites every student should know about and how they can improve their knowledge. We will classify these websites on the basis of areas of interest.

For Education



Offering a wide range of courses, Coursera is one of the most famous and useful websites in terms of its content and certification courses. Coursera offers a wide range of courses from multiple fields like science, management, engineering, healthcare, and many more. It helps students from a university-level to build their careers. In addition, it has courses from different universities from different parts of the world. You can choose the best out of the bests here.



Similar to Coursera, EDX also provides courses from some of the best institutions in the world. It is currently one of the leading Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) platforms. Where Coursera has some paid certification courses, EDX also gives courses for free for those who really want to learn.

Apart from these two in the category, we also have Udacity.com, AcademicEarth.org, Udemy.com.
Udacity provides some nano-degree courses that can really boost your knowledge and resume.
Udemy has also gained a lot of popularity these days, especially for learning computer science stuff; it is a great website to explore and learn.
Online education is becoming more and more of a business to people. As a result, many websites have come up that offer free courses to students, help them prepare for interviews, teach them their career-related subjects, basically preparing them in student life, and how to tackle their interviews.

You can find a lot of youtube videos on a topic. Also, you can find a lot of websites having an article or their own explanation of a topic. It is very important to explore, compare and then decide on one. You may find an awesome course at one site which might not be that good in others, but you cannot be certain that all the courses offered by that site will be equally awesome. So, before starting a course, go through the syllabus and compare what you want to learn and what the site is offering, and then make a decision. Switching courses in between wastes a lot of time and confuses you in your concepts. It is preferred to first go through the content of the course and then proceed towards its execution.

General websites

Everything is not all about education; you need to have some general knowledge as well. Do not be a Jack of all trades and master of one. But be an aware individual in terms of your knowledge, roles, and responsibilities. For this, there are some general websites such as,



It may sound time-wasting, but seeing it from a knowledge perspective gives a lot of interesting facts and information from around the world. You can get information on many different topics such as science, culture, food, entertainment, and more. So when you feel like surfing, go through this site, wasting time but actually where you learn something.



Considering the amount of time the students of this generation spend on social media. This is a perfect website for time management and keeping a student from wasting a lot of time on social media. You can use this website to block any distractions you don\’t want to get disturbed by.


It is as cool as its name sounds. We can call it an alternative to our television. This site helps you study and host videos on scientific topics.



To study well or to perform any activity, you must have good health. Maintaining good health keeps you fit and your body and mind running at the best speed. This site helps you monitor your health regularly by checking the symptoms. Please note it is only for monitoring; for a real check-up, you will have to visit a doctor physically and get your complete health check-up.


Every year we pass a class, previous class books are just kept in the corner of the house with dust. Why get the books covered in dust when you can sell them at a minimal price to the ones in need. The site helps you sell your old academic books and also you can buy the books you need from other students.
There are some other shopping, selling, health, and money-saving related websites such as ebay.com, amazon.com, goupon.com, mint.com, wisebread.com, which are equally good in their respective fields.
Sites like amazon.com can help you get anything you need at your doorstep so that you can focus on your studies and don\’t need to go out for small requirements.
Sites like wisebread.com can help you live well on a tight budget.
Before starting anything, do your research. You can get a lot of data online, look around and explore the sites. Then, you will find the right website for you or take help from this article.

Other useful resources

There are some sites many people are not much aware of, but these can really change your lives. Apart from the course study material, these sites give you insight knowledge from close human experience. These sites provide you with information essential to a topic and are not easily available at all places. You do not need to collect information from several books; all you need is these websites to make your life, your assignments, and projects a little easier.



TED has been hosting a lot of provoking talks for quite some years now. TED.com enlists the videos of all the talks held so far. These talks are on several topics such as design, technology, entertainment, social issues, covering almost all of the major human experiences. This site can help you find inspiration, and maybe you find an interest that might be hidden in some corner of your heart.



Has become an established name. Everyone is now familiar with Wikipedia. It is such a resource; you can find all the details on any topic, from history to current development. Wikipedia also maintains its content and is timely updated. Therefore, this site can be really helpful in the early stage of an assignment.



It is mainly for the students interested in literature. This site publishes classic poetry, literature, text references and non-fiction work for free.

Some of the other useful resource websites are gutenberg.org genius.com.

These were some of the best websites available for all. These sites give you all the information you need, the health check-up you need, how to save money, information on a variety of topics, inspire you for some good work. So, to sum up, everything a student needs for his curriculum is all out there. Just need to get the right content at the right place as per your requirement.

In conclusion, this article gives a clear insight into what is important for a student and where to get important knowledge and help from. As a student, we surf more, browse sites more, explore more, and gather all sorts of information. Our brain perceives what we see and listen to. Taking in a lot of random knowledge from here and there can be harmful. In some cases, we might not get what we were looking for and feel like a waste of time surfing online. But, we should keep this in mind, the internet is like an open library; you get everything literally. Some things can be good and some bad.

For every great thing that is made, there are some misuses and bad effects of it. Our responsibility is to put the resources available to us to good use.

You don\’t need to land on the right website every time you are looking for something. There is a lot of unwanted information available online. In some cases, it might not be required. So, whenever you log in to your system for getting a piece of information, first define your goal, identify the categories of information you are looking for, list down the points and questions you want to be answered, and then the field is yours. Collect the information and compare it with your points. You will get what you want in the end. I hope you got just the right amount and the appropriate websites you were looking for. These pretty much sum up websites from all the major categories that a student should know about. A happy student leads to a happy world. I hope this article made you happy.

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