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Technology Addiction: Something to Be Concerned About? – Servon Solution

Technology Addiction: Something to Be Concerned About?

Technology Addiction

Technology Addiction: The emergence of Internet and smartphones research shows a vast increase in the number of people struggling with an addiction to technology. It is not common for youth and adults to observe the need to plug into social media and the Internet. This often leads to a certain fear of missing out and being left out among young people coupled with the various changes in the brain while online or using technology. This addiction can be added to the list of various behavioral addictions.


What is Technology Addiction?

Addiction to technology is a thing that falls under the category of addiction which can be termed as addiction to a behavior. Various kinds of mental health widely recognize these addictions. These addiction professionals include various other behaviors such as sex and gambling; behavioral addiction is characterized by a progressive inability that can be controlled or set to be limited. The behavior also shares similarities with various obsessive and compulsive disorders.

The modern world is characterized by increasing connectivity and the use of technology. However, some teens and young adults cross from normal use into an error in which it can be that the child uses screen media as a sneak peek technology. This use is hurting work, family, social life, and school life. Technology addiction includes abundant addictions such as addiction to video games, social network addictions, using the Internet, and many other things.


Signs & Symptoms of Technology Addiction

Here are various signs and symptoms that teens or young adults might be addicted to.

  1. First reason can be that it is normally hard for a child to stop using the media screen.
  2. Second, the amount of time the child wants to use screen media keeps on increasing.
  3. Third, the child needs more intense games on the novels and apps to reach the level of satisfaction.
  4. 4th can be that the child uses things very obsessively about the game or phone while not using it.
  5. Fifth, the child screen media causes problems for the family.
  6. Sixth, the child may be becoming more and more Isolated.

Prevalence of Technology Addiction

It is difficult to determine the number of teens and adults suffering from technology addiction. But according to the census 2012, around 4% of Europeans had been researched as pathological Internet use, and approximately 14% were displayed as the call has maladaptive Internet use. Others in adaptations have been found as approximately 20% of people. Internet use interferes with family, work, or social life to complicate things. Various previous technologies developed like social media and video games are actively trying to create products that can trap the addictive Tendencies.


How Does Technology Addiction Impacts the Brain?

Technology addiction operates similarly to various chemical addictions at a mental level in the expectation followed by reward leads of various dopamine and other feel-good chemicals. This reward might be a winning level up for various video games technologies. Over time person begins to crave this dopamine release and often requires various increasing stimuli to get the same effect.

Tips for Managing Smart Phones

Simple ways to help the teen look up apart from the phones:-

  1. Waiting until 8, the organization encourages parents to pledge as to wait till standard 8th grade to give the child a smartphone.
  2. Start with a flip phone and the \”no delete\” rule for any text. Only parents should delete things from the flip phone.
  3. Be good role models with your smartphone usage.
  4. Creating smartphone-free zones and no phones at the dinner table.
  5. Keeping the school free of mobile devices.
  6. Blocking specific times for about 20 minutes to check the social media.

Teens & Technology Addiction


More researches have to be done on the long-term effects of technology addiction on various development resources. However, we do not know the adolescent brain is developing into the mid 20\’s pathways; this means that our happiness bits in adults and changes our brains. We know about other addictions wiring the brain hard for expectations, and the reward of technology sets up teens for susceptible compulsive loops later in life. Additionally, there is some scope to have an important time building social skills and forming identity. So substituting online for real-life interaction and competing with body language may impact social and emotional development.

Treatment of Technology Addiction

Technology addiction is the criteria that fall under the scope of very compulsive behavior, which is very difficult or certainly impossible to abstain such as food or sex addictions. Therefore, the treatment of stress due to technology addiction involves various educating teenagers and adults about various types of happening things in the brains and bodies, recognizing the consequences of those things and helping them set their limits, and compromising the compulsive cycle to find the various alternatives.


Recovery From Technology Addiction is still Possible.

Recovery from technology addiction is possible. Yes, we are here to help. Not sure if the addiction is of video games or Internet addiction but having a problem with any addiction is still possible using a variety of treatment modalities. Some programs help guide clients as they recognize various overcome on their technology addiction. There are various individual therapies, group processes, dialectical behavioral therapy, that aid in the process. The virtual program offers the same programming in person and online, ideal for those who have an addiction to four in drive, making in-person treatment challenging.

Some Common Types Of Technology Addiction

1. Gaming Addiction


Since gaming has become very popular than ever before and is available not only on consoles and computers but also on the phone, some of today\’s most popular games include \’Temple Run\’ and many more, which makes gaming very addictive. These are built-in rewards, hidden features, and side effects every time any individual completes a level beat, a boss kills an opponent or unlocks a new player or level. In addition, some games are never-ending socially interactive games such as Esports have also become increasingly popular. Some games may be socially engaging; others may be a false sense of social interaction. Gamings can be both but lead to a dual addiction of gaming and gambling, so this should be noticed.

2. Social Media Addiction

Social media platforms such as TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat are highly addictive. These days YouTube has also been grouped as in its category. Every time any individual receives an engagement of a like, follow, or comment, the individual\’s brain releases a good feeling, ultimately resulting in more engagement. Social media like social gaming work for all senses of various social engagement in leaving oneself alone with isolation and loneliness.


Scrolling social media constantly feeds and refreshing the feeds, and watching TikTok or YouTube videos serve to fend the loneliness. Fear of missing out also plays a large part in social media addiction. It is important to note that social media addiction involves vanity, such as posting selfies filled using filters, hyper-focus, or physical appearance so that one can\’t transcend the disorder into body dysmorphic disorder or plastic surgery addiction which can be the other way of altering one\’s physical addiction appearance.

3. Gambling Addiction

The disorder in gambling is also a diagnostic addiction in itself, but it is most important to recognize and treat pathological digital usage. Virtually online gambling includes less but is not limited to online casino games, online poker, or Esports gambling. As previously mentioned, there is an Internet disorder for gambling which American Psychiatric Association recognizes as a diagnosable mental disorder. So along with all various forms of addictions, including various use of addictions, gambling has been the highest rate of suicide. So it has an imperative way to address problem gambling as soon as issues arise.

4. Pornography Addiction

Various pornographic addiction involves very obsessive and compulsive watching of these, often concise with various excessive pornographic or hypersexual disorders such as emotional dependency. Often addiction results in an individual sex life becoming very less satisfying and less interesting. In real sexual engagement insert situation pornographic addiction often results in real-life relationships deteriorating excessive usage. IT often results in shame, guilt, sadness, frustration, or loneliness.

5. Online Shopping Addiction


Online shopping addiction is also considered the most compulsive buying disorder or a behavioral addiction involving various compulsive buying of goods and services online. Online shopping addictions often serve as a very temporary way to induce pleasure. They feel good for a particular period, and it is also a way of avoiding negative emotions and evading boredom.
Online shopping is not only about purchasing in or of itself, but it is also about the excitement of browsing before the Purchase.

6. Workaholic Addiction

People who are often addicted to their work are often praised as hard servers or hard workers, and it is great admiration for good work ethic. Still, problems arise when individuals become very dependent on their work. This work means escape relationships, mental health, general well-being, and many more. So these can suffer from this addiction. While work addiction is different from various digital addictions, these often have technological problems associated with it, especially for those who have executive-level positions or others who do office-related work. In addition, problems connecting with family or increased stress and various other problems relating to psychological and general well-being is the cause of it.

Best Treatment

The very best step of treating a digital addiction is the individual\’s awareness of the problem and educating them regarding the facts of the technology. It is also one of the most interesting steps for individuals. Often the problem is realized by family and friends who may seek out help on behalf of the individual. Still, in many cases, an intervention is also needed to assist the individual in recognition of the problem and help them initiate the treatment.


For some who may need to seek professional help from an addiction therapist, there are various other treatment modalities available for their technology addictions. Since everyone has a unique set of mind, circumstances, history, and symptoms, it is also important to find a treatment approach for every individual\’s perspective. In addition, it is important to address the various contributing factors that lead to digital addiction, such as neurological imbalance, mental health issues, or environmental stressors.

We find ourselves absent from unrealistic technology in the digital world. However, there is consensus from digital services, which should not be the goal of treatment. For various information on New York City addiction treatment and to find a better best addiction counselor in NYC, the counseling to inquire about family addiction and a specialist private sober coach Manhattan recovery for drug addiction, alcohol addiction, gambling addiction, and wages. Digital addiction and our Manhattan hypnosis services in New York City are also there to support us.


There are also some common modalities of treatment for digital addiction, including cognitive-behavioral therapy CBT, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy DBT, Reality therapy, Acceptance, and commitment therapy, which are various experimental adventures based on therapy mindfulness of prevention and behavioral modification. In addition, so many therapies may be carried out as individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy, or various type of combination therapy, but the approach is the treatment.

Holistic and Wellness based treatments are often encouraged, such as focusing on meditation, nutrition, physical exercise, natural remedies. However, there are inpatient residential treatments options available for various digital addictions. Although the treatments are generally done outpatient, we find ourselves very connected to technology these days. Still, we must take care of the good and the bad terms associated with it.


Technology cannot be said as harmful, but it is a 50-50 contribution where it depends on the individual how to use the technology because technology is all about helping, making the life of the human being easier and so every individual needs to know about the technology in a very deep way to understand the good and the bad terms of the technology and not to become addicted to it.

Some digital devices can be encouraged to initiate treatment up to 40 to 90 days until the individual can work towards moderation if moderation is the goal.

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