Rural Kids Need To Talk About Career Pathways. It\’s Necessary!

Step through new doors. The majority of the time there’s something fantastic on the other side.

~Oprah Winfrey

Last week, the Career Vyaas team paid a visit to the DAV Public School in Kartarpur. Our goal was to inform the children there about the many career options available following class 10th and additionally to assist them with the stream selection process.

The path to a successful professional pathway starts in school. The courses and institutions we enrol in, together with the subjects we decide to study, have a significant impact on our future goals. To make such a decision, one needs comprehensive knowledge and expertise. We at Career Vyaas think that every student should have access to this information. They must have the necessary knowledge and a clear path to their chosen professions. We planned a session for the students there as we continued to think about this.

Career Guidance Workshop by Career Vyaas


When we entered the classrooms, we could sense the pupils\’ enthusiasm and vigour. One could see the dreams they were seeing in their eyes. They continued to have huge dreams despite living in tier-3 locations. And we were there for them, too.

Mr. Shivam Kumar Mishra, the founder of Career Vyaas, gave a brief introduction to the workshop and informed the kids of the significance of choosing a stream after grade 10. Mr. Vishal Kumar, the current chief advisor for Career Vyaas, gave a wise session after that. He taught students about stream selection and profession advising using his six-plus years of experience in the area.


Students were urged to clarify their uncertainties and address any questions they had after the lesson. Students had a variety of responses when the Career Vyaas team asked them about their ideal professions and dream jobs. Some of them desired roles as doctors, engineers, beauticians, and so forth.

The process of choosing a stream baffled a lot of pupils. They were unaware that there were numerous profession possibilities out there for them to select from. They were only aware of a few of them. We enjoyed answering all of their inquiries and requests. We provided them with information on career roadmaps, which further helped them choose the best stream for them.

The children said the programme taught them a lot about several topics. They appreciated the workshop and were pleased to have gained more clarity on their individual dream jobs. They even offered us their valuable feedback. Being with them there was an honour. We enjoyed talking with them and learning about their aspirations.


We couldn\’t help but think back to our own school days as we passed the busy hallways of DAV Public School Kartarpur. We had experienced the same stage that they were experiencing at the time, attended the same classes, and studied the same subjects. It\’s amazing how fast time goes by. Life teaches us a lot, from the effervescent child to the mature adult we are today.

In the twenty-first century, knowledge and know-how are the keys to success. As basketball coach Pat Riley said, ‘If you are not getting better, you are getting worse.”

We tried our best to teach the younger kids nearby the information and experience we had in our industry. We enjoyed helping them along the way and being a small part of their journey. Overall, we were able to assist the rural children of DAV Public School Kartarpur in realising their goals.

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