Rise of EdTech in India

Communications and learning exploded from desktop and laptop computers to smartphones and tablets, a host of new possibilities. The education technology market has grown rapidly, which paved more possibilities and development.

But what is EdTech? How did it suddenly boom and start to rule the technology of India?
Let\’s also explore how it has been utilized in the educational setup in India and has it helped to improve the quality of education?

What is EdTech??

EdTech can be defined as the process of providing learning by creating, teaching, and using digital technology tools and resources. The term EdTech binds Education and Technology. It is a way of learning through digital technology.

The term education technology appears to be a cordial combination of education and technology. It is not uncommon for this term to be used as shorthand for education and technology. However, this word also has a combination of other meanings. For example, it can be used in the context of electronic tools for learning, teaching, and managing students\’ progress. It can also refer to the use of technology for learning, teaching, and managing students.

This is also called online or digital education, provided with technological tools. This EdTech and education integration has brought tremendous changes in India over the past few years. It\’s been said that EdTech technology and its start-ups are booming in India.

Ed Teach

How EdTech came into existence?

The idea of educating students happened to the first people, who were the ancestors of modern humans. Since then, education and learning have been enabled to help people learn. Then, time everything adapted the technology in the process. This brought EdTech into its existence. Its digital tools and resources helped them learn faster and better. The modern concept of education came into existence and turned out to be a useful instrument in the development process.

EdTech start-ups in India

Today, EdTech has become much more popular in India. Since its existence, it has started to bloom everywhere and spread across wider places. It has become popular due to its benefits and facilities. One main thing about EdTech is its start-ups. There are more than 6,000 EdTech start-ups, which are continuously blooming and rising.

These EdTech start-ups are paving the way to take learning to the next level. Accelerating the world to the path of development and enabling growth in learning.
EdTech start-ups in India are taking the education industry by storm in areas where it\’s sorely lacking. With human resource shortages and academic record numbers that lag behind global standards, companies are looking at innovative solutions to capacity building, using data, and more. They\’re also looking at the Indian government\’s approach to funding the education sector.

New EdTech start-ups all over the world are going through a lot these days, especially those start-ups that originated from India.
Online education start-up is looking beyond its traditional markets, including demanding new markets like China, to grow its revenue and have an impact on curbing global education funding crises.

The following are some of the EdTech start-ups which are a boon to the students.


Byju\’s is a start-up that lets kids learn English language, math, Languages, and Science by themselves. It offers apps and content that make learning fun and motivate kids to learn independently. Started by Byju Raveendran, it is headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka. Byju was founded on the idea that parents should not bear the burden of finding time to teach their kids, and the child should not be forced to follow the same method of learning the whole.

This start-up is both extremely popular and well-funded. Its first product is an online language learning platform, which provides personalized language lessons, and over 100,000 vocabulary lessons.

It is one such free educational curriculum delivery system. Byju\’s is currently providing digital education to 6 million students worldwide and 1 million teachers across 180 countries.



Teachmint is a content management platform for teachers. Teaching and education software is a rapidly growing sector, with new start-ups popping up by the day. Teachmint is trying to reinvent the education industry. It is one of many approaches to online education on the market.

Teachmint is a start-up that focuses on teachers and schools. EdTech is the buzzword for all tech-enabled education companies.



Unacademy is a start-up making a difference by providing affordable on-demand education for Indian children. It is a part of India\’s first \”Educational Start-up Incubator,\” which is an educational start-up focused on the financial and educational empowerment of India\’s children.

Unacademy is focused on simplifying the process of learning a language and is primarily marketed towards students learning the language on their own.


EdTech- Its sudden boom and growth

In recent times, EdTech has been a widely used component. But ever wondered what gave its growth and sudden bloom in India?

The world has never been so keen on EdTech as it is now, with technology in every possible field, and education has been no exception. The global market for EdTech is expected to reach $247 billion by the end of 2027

As the education sector moves into the 21st century, schools have embraced technology for more efficient teaching and learning. However, this booming technology sector is also bringing about a new culture that many educators are struggling to adapt to.
With the increase in the popularity of EdTech, the way of learning things became different. For example, E-content, video conferences, live webinars, and webinars create more video content.

Reasons for the boom

Many factors boost the EdTech technology and continue to feed the needs of the people and aid the development. Its truth that EdTech technology and growth go hand in hand. That may be the prime reason for the growth and rise of EdTech in India. Still, let us explore some of the reasons which led to the sudden boom of the EdTech space.


Covid-19 was an important factor that led to the utilization of EdTech. Covid-19 led to the lockdown, which was a major threat to development. This was a hindrance to the growing education field in India. Children suffered from having teaching and proper training. This increased the dependence on EdTech and its usage.

Its technology made students access education resources from their place of stay and learn things better. Thus, there was a lot of dependence on this EdTech, and it gave rise to its boom in India.

The rise of digital technology and digitalization

The government\’s initiative made a huge impact on EdTech, which also gave rise to EdTech. Its initiative is known as \”Digital India.\” The main goal was to bring empowerment to society and promote digital media usage to bring a revolution. The government took many initiatives to bring improvement in the educational sector, which gave rise to EdTech usage. Tools such as E-leaning and portals like \”Swayam\” played a huge role in transforming the world and imparted knowledge.

Today, with digitalization, everything is incorporating technology in many ways. EdTech is one of them. In changing world, everything is changing and growing. Our drive towards digitalization introduced a way to possibilities and brought many changes in everything, including education. Technology and the classroom have become a welcoming boon and a modern reality. Educators started to use digital platforms and their tools to reach, support, and inspire learners.

The recent EdTech industry has experienced rapid growth and adoption. This growth has a positive impact on the way we learn and how teachers teach. This has contributed to the success and growth of education in India.

Digital Technology

It\’s to satisfy the needs of the students.

The age of ed tech has been an exciting one for educators\’ students. Its features fuel the needs of the people as well as the development of the market. Mainly during this pandemic, it satisfied the need of people and led to the development of education as well as imparting technology over education.

EdTech space is closing the gap between tech and education. And this is an increasingly important space. When you think about tech, you think about affordability and accessibility. When you think of learning, you think about quality and flexibility.

So, what happens when learning becomes more affordable and accessible? You end up with a huge learning crisis. More and more students are turning to technology to learn at home or on their own time. This demand and needs ended up with the major rise of the EdTech industry, and it will continue to bloom.

Has become the Life savor element

For more than a year, India has been facing a major crisis; there was a need for a support system that glues the broken condition. Moreover, the economic crisis posed a threat to the development of India. Then EdTech came into existence. EdTech has been vital for the financial growth of the company.

EdTech has far exceeded the company\’s expectations because of Covid-19.
The company\’s revenue has been drawn up by this software which is an alternative to the company\’s existing product. As a result, edTech has triggered a major jump in the company\’s revenue and helped them meet its long-term revenue goals.

The conventional software simplified their needs and goals, which aided development. So due to these, the usage of EdTech has increased in recent times, and it led to a sudden boom in the EdTech space.

EdTech led to the growth of the Education sector.

After the existence of EdTech, people started to accept and use it. Then, after day by day, everyone got attracted to that technology, which gave the sudden rise of its technology widespread.

EdTech became a popular method of teaching because the students were able to use their own devices and not have to sacrifice portability. The school also began to use a variety of software just so that no student was left behind. This EdTech enabled personalized, in-depth
sessions which made the learning go so personalized, effective, and attractive.

Future of EdTech? – Will the growth continue?

Gone is the age of social clubs, clubs in schools, and clubs where people meet to discuss ideas and future plans and learn; schools are now opting for a completely different scenario, one where their students are constantly plugged into a gadget to learn, explore and think.

They now come in the form of smartboards and tablets, and e-learning. There are a lot of questions that need answering, but the one most pressing is, \”What will EdTech be like in India tomorrow? The focus is now shifting to using technology for everything.

Already, the growth and popularism of EdTech are accelerating. It has enabled students to access different sources easily and enabled better income and opportunities. Also, it has paved the way for a great way to learn things. Though there are many questions regarding its future, EdTech is certainly our future. Already, we are ahead to the future, which opens the door to possibilities. In the future, this EdTech will continue to rule our world by enabling different facilities, thereby enhancing our experience and knowledge.


Thus, this technology, EdTech, and its bloom is lighting up the future and goals. It is touted as the best way to bridge the digital divide for India\’s future. Children are using edTech from a very early age, but the usage is today being used as a tool for facilitators to aid learners in improving their grades. Also, it is a better tool for accelerating income and jobs. EdTech is gaining momentum in India with many new technologies.

Its benefits are rooted in the steady momentum and widespread, thereby leading to its development. Technology is always an elevator to open multiple possibilities.

Thanks to EdTech and its technology for being a trendsetter and life savour! Hope this article is an eye-opener to you, as EdTech, is to education.

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