Every student who is writing JEE mains has a greater aim in life to get placed at top colleges. Owing to that, they prepare well and put in their effort. But not all students make up that dream, a reality. But some may achieve it with a greater percentile score. So here is a golden opportunity for every student to get placed at top NIT institutions, even if you have a low score. Several NITs do it.


Got a low percentile score? Not able to crack up to your expectations? Don\’t worry; this article opens you to the door of possibilities. If you are a student with a low percentile score, then this article is for you! Come let\’s explore the opportunities available and look onto the top NITs.


The JEE (Joint Entrance Exam) is a competitive examination conducted by the government to select candidates who can graduate from one of the technical universities in India used by the Defence Forces, Central Armed Police Forces, and some Public Sector undertakings.

The Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) required strenuous hard work, but finally, it gave a good result for them. The minimum eligibility for attending the exam includes a decent percentile score of 10 and 12. This JEE main exam will be conducted in sessions. More than 10 Lakh students turn up for the JEE exam.

JEE Advanced splits students into groups of students with the same approximate score in JEE mains or the same score in JEE Advanced. Students who have scored in the 99 percentiles can choose one Interview, which is usually a significant contributor to their JEE score.


After the results and looking at students\’ scores, they get a clear idea of whether they get placed at their dream institutions. Those who get higher percentile scores will be recognized and get placed at top NITs. This exam is often considered one of the hardest exams to crack upon. Students have greater dreams and aim to crack up on this exam and get placed at their dream places. But generally, the top NITs often take up students only with greater percentile scores. As a result, other students wouldn\’t be able to make up their dreams.


Generally, the competitions will be a bit tougher as many appear to write their exams. So, it becomes difficult to get admissions at top NITs. There is a competition for getting into the prestigious JEE, in which universities can add in their criteria for admission.

The National Institutes of Technology (NITs) play a crucial role in India\’s highest levels of education. However, its examination process is not in tune with contemporary society. Moreover, with the number of JEE-hams almost increasing 3-4 times a year with no provision for a new admission, it becomes difficult for one to get a place in these institutions.

It is not surprising to know that many students dread appearing for the JEE. After all, it is an examination with a very high cut-off score and requires a lot of hard work. It is one of the most important examinations a student takes in his or her life, which decides their future choices. Therefore, it is important to prioritize your preparations and remember the last exam grades while studying.

NITs (National Institute of Technology), recognized for academic excellence and entrance into deemed universities, were established to meet the needs of students from well-recognized institutions and those with a certain percentile score. It provides a diverse range of training programs and technical specialization to meet the industry\’s requirements. Rest assured that the education you receive at NIT is of the highest quality.

For those who aimed higher but got a low percentile score, we have come up with the list of best NITs that offers admissions to students with low percentile score. These colleges have quite a lower percentile score, and added to that; they offer good educational facilities to the students. So, this is a great feast for those who want to level up their capabilities and get placed at their dream colleges.

Here is a list of top NITs which could be a life savior for students with low percentile scores in a JEE mains:


The National Institute of Technology (NIT) Durgapur is the best place to start up when you have a low percentile score at JEE mains. It is a premier institute imparting education, research, and consulting in the areas of engineering and technology. This institute is situated in the central-western part of India, and it is one of the premier institutes for research, training, and consultancy in these disciplines. It was established in 1956; NIT DURGAPUR adheres to the highest quality standards and offers a high level of professional education.

This institute is ranked in 6th position from overall NITs. Its offers different subjects like Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Communication Engineering, etc. This is a co-ed institute, a well-equipped place with multiple facilities. It offers 29 courses, and the placement rate is 71.92%. The fee structures depend on the courses you opt for.

The minimum percentile score required to get placed for the year 2021 at the biotechnology department and chemistry is 96% and 95.8%. The cut-off rank needed is 1047 for all rounds.


They are offering a stipend for the Research Scholars, who are engaged in research in one or more of the disciplines in Chemical, Biochemical, Geological, Geophysical, Earth, Energy, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, Nano Science and Technology, Life Science, and Environmental Science. Apart from the Stipend, Research Scholars working in NIT will be provided with the facility and facilities such as lodging, feeding, uniform, travel, medical facilities, and other benefits.


The National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar is a public engineering, management, and science institute established in 1961 in Jalandhar, Punjab. It is currently a part of the Indian Ministry of Human Resource Development. This is a great university that accepts admissions at low percentile scores. The average fee package offered is 43.5 lakh per annum.

This institute has more than three university and engineering colleges, more than 12 research centres or institutes, and an in-Service Credentialing Wing. More than 600 projects are being executed. In addition to the various academic and research degrees, NIT Jalandhar also offers technology-intensive training.
So, if you are a student with a low percentile score, this institute is a great go for you!


The National Institute of Technology (NIT) Meghalaya is one of the thirty-one NITs established in India. However, no institution in India\’s Northeast teaches the subject of technology. However, this will soon change. The National Institute of Technology (NIT) envisages creating a world-class education system in the Northeast. An institute that publishes high-end, high-quality, and relevant technical education content designed with a national perspective.

The main objective is to provide quality technical education and excellence in research and development, impart quality education, encourage the young budding minds of students, and encourage them to level up their abilities. It consists of different departments. The minimum percentile for Civil is 95.8%. Therefore, it is ideal for getting better facilitates with proper placement.

The fee structure is around 9 to 11 lakhs. It includes a good infrastructure and other facilities like a laboratory which is main for engineering students. In terms of teaching, it is worth the rate and a must-try college!


The National Institute of Technology (NIT) Raipur is a kind of technical and research university situated in Raipur. It was established in the year 1956. This is one of the best colleges to opt for if your scores are low in JEE mains. It has various departments such as Bio-Medical, Biotechnology, Civil Engineering, Mining Engineering, Information Technology, etc.

The main aim is to cover science technology, including Maths. Therefore, the minimum percentile required for Mining Engineering is 95.5%.

It is one of India\’s premier institutes of higher education, conducting rigorous research programs in the areas of engineering, science, education, and management. NIT RAIPUR is the first initiative by the Government of India to explore the synthesis of science, business, and society towards the creative, intelligent, and sustainable development of society. The institute is also a pioneer in the field of information technology and connectivity. The students can try these colleges.


National Institute of Technology Agartala is an institute meant mainly for higher education. It was brought up by the Ministry of Human Resource Development Government of India (MHRD) in Agartala. This college is ranked among the top NIT engineering colleges. More top colleges for NIT have a minimum percentile score in JEE mains. The National Institute of Technology Agartala is just one of those. NIT is a unique place in terms of ambience and infrastructure in all senses.

The Departments include Bioengineering, production Engineering, Civil and more in areas of sciences and social sciences. The minimum percentile score for the department of product engineering is 95.4%. So, it\’s worth spending your money and a great start for students to crack up on these colleges.


The National Institute of Technology (NIT) Patna is a college with great facilities located in Patna. Initially, it was a public engineering institution. Then it was later renamed in the year 1961 as NIT Patna., which provides the best education that helps in creating a well-rounded personality for students. The college is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and has a great learning environment with labs of all kinds and an extensive library. It also provides a great living and living experience., NIT Patna provides a friendly and comfortable environment for both the students and faculty members. The college is also known for its counseling.

The college is ideal to fulfill students\’ dreams. The people of Bihar deserve it. National Institute of Technology, Patna, offers a graduate degree in Architecture, Electrical engineering, Civil and other fields. The minimum percentile required for civil engineering is 95.3%


National Institute of Technology Manipur is an Institute located in Imphal, Manipur. The college started producing its sessions in the year 2010. The National Institute of Technology (NIT) Manipur became operational in 2010 by opening its first campus in Imphal. Even though it\’s new, it is well known and a great place to start up for the students. It offers a great environment and great exposure to the students.

The various departments include Civil Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, etc. The minimum percentile for civil engineering includes 95.8%. The campus also provides better placements options to students. So it is very well used to the students and gives them better facilities.


The competition may remain competitive, and JEE exams may remain tougher. But the student\’s effort that has been invested will turn into success. Sometimes, you may fail to achieve your expectations, you may not have a higher percentile score, but still, there is hope. Time to spread this useful information. The way is already being established. The opportunities are endless. Time to utilize this properly to crack up your exam and get placed at top NITs.

A national-level qualifying examination enables getting admissions into the National Institutes of Technology. It\’s possible to join the top NITs with low percentile scores. Aspiring students have good news to celebrate. Bundle up your preparation, keep fighting your dreams, and get placed at top NITs.

Hope this article has remained useful to you guys! Time to reflect your thoughts on this
\”Are you ready to get placed at top NITs?\”

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