Digital Technology In Education: 18 Points To Remember

Digital Technology In Education: 18 Points To Remember

Digital Technology is the most significant aspect of our world. Digital technology includes not only science but also the changes that people are willing to accept and adapt to. Crypto-currencies, bitcoins, and blockchains have all gotten increasingly digital as technology has progressed. Depositors may now examine all records on their mobile phones thanks to the conversion of the bank system to an application system.

In this changing time, we can see that the country is making huge changes and the people, and we can also see that they are moving with the change. We have all achieved this because of the technologies developed by scientists, engineers, and other office workers. Technology is somewhat like a casual friend since nothing can be done today without technology.


For example, during this pandemic, digital technologies have played a major role for students, teachers, researchers, office workers, bankers, for people to transfer money, for paying water and electric bills from home, for booking gas cylinders, for recharging phones, and TVs, etc. Consultation with the doctor, virtual meetings through platforms like Google Meet or Zoom, knowledge about the nation\’s current status, the ratio of COVID, how many were cured, and how many were affected.

With technologies and innovations developed by our scientists, all of these major problems have been solved easily. Furthermore, our new generations are also focused on making things in India, which has given birth to many talented entrepreneurs in science and technology.

Today we will examine the use of digital technology in education!

Education has always been a priority for everyone because where we are today and what we are getting today are just the result of it!! Are you in agreement with this statement? Indeed, India is one of the most innovative countries, with innovations happening in every household. Not because everyone is a scientist or student of science, but because science relates to every aspect of life.


We live in an age where digital technology makes life more convenient than expected. Perhaps even more so when it comes to education. Considering the impact education will have on future generations, it cannot be stopped at any cost. In these three years, no one thought that something very interesting would happen and a student from the village would also be able to study when there was no need to leave the house.

Wow! The technologies we have today are just like miracles happening on Earth. Due to these technologies, not a single student has gone without studying due to teachers\’ help and correct use of technology; the online video classes have saved almost two years of a student\’s life. Otherwise, there was no chance for everyone to watch the world change two years ago.

With the advent of digital technologies, have online classes been made possible and the method of gathering and understanding knowledge for those who had no idea that such a thing existed at all? With the help of projections in smart classes, these digital technologies are used in schools and colleges for smart ways to study. The use of digital technologies has been beneficial for teachers in other ways, such as maintaining attendance records online, creating curriculum calendars, creating assignment lists, maintaining notes, and teaching students through video lessons and PowerPoint presentations.

In the following, we list some of the best ways students, teachers, and parents can utilize digital technologies in education-

  • Provides teachers with a way to collect classroom information online.
  • Comprehensive data collection.
  • Engaging and creative lessons.
  • Builds liability.
  • Making generation advanced.
  • Content recordings.
  • All-time availability.
  • Track progress.
  • Involves parents.
  • Generates accessibility.
  • Information sharing increased.
  • Develops coordination skills in children.
  • Helps in creating slides, videos, and presentations for studies.
  • Aids in making classroom calendars.
  • Gaming along with learning.
  • Personal experience.
  • Students become creative through technology.
  • Technology is always interesting.

Provides teachers with a way to collect classroom information online – As a result, the teachers were practically unable to collect the children\’s information in this Covid. Due to the difficulty of finding accurate data, digital technology has proven to be very helpful for them. With the help of Google Sheets and many apps like these, the collection has been kept properly.

All schools now maintain proper data that is kept safely, and no misuse occurs. In addition to attendance and grades, information about activities, competitions, and other extracurricular activities is also stored securely for the students to access.

Comprehensive data collection – Digital technology plays the most important role in giving the depth of knowledge to the students, and not only students but also the teachers, mentors, parents, and everyone living on this planet. Even villagers are now using digital technologies. The students in villages have learned to use smartphones, they join their classes online, and now everyone is getting educated. Digital platforms nowadays have solutions for every problem.

Engaging and creative lessons- The digital platform is engaging too, for example- as I am today just because of my writing speed and skills, so this I got from typing games, won\’t you think it is interesting? Of course, yes, I used to play typing games that have made me a speedy writer. So this makes digital technology creative and interesting.

Builds liability – Digital technologies are not only helping us but developing the liability in oneself as we are becoming responsible for what we have to do at the correct time, we have to sit for work from home/job at the correct time, we have to join our classes online on the correct time, paying off payments from home on time are few of the examples that make us liable towards digital technologies.

Making generation advanced– The generation of today\’s era is more advanced than their parents and elders. We can see many cases that a 2-3 years child also knows to play games on mobile phones. Not only this, they have started developing their application from learning from online platforms and have started making their sites. This is amazing and unexpected that a child of 10-12 years can also make their sites and make themselves advanced. This is what digital technologies are, the new era.


Content recordings- Technology is not only for learning, but today\’s generation is utilizing it differently. One best utilization is through recordings; recordings are helping the student to learn things more accurately as it helps in remembering the notes like some students have the habit of learning by hearing or if someone has to go out and can\’t able to take a book or is not having a book, they can hear their recordings which helps them to learn as well as utilizes the time and not regrets about forgetting something. Further, people of today don\’t take books with them while travelling. Instead, they have e-books on their mobile phones, which never make them feel bored.

All-time availability- We are now surrounded by digital technologies all the time in our homes. For example, the younger generations have accumulated so much power that they are advancing technologies that control home materials from the phone itself. Isn\’t it digital? You can have your windows open and close from your mobile phone, switch off your TV from your mobile phone, control the curtains from your mobile phone, and many more things. They can help you turn off the lights in your bedroom and many other things.

Track progress- Digital technologies help in tracking our progress, whether it is in studies, exercise, business, or health issues. Digitally, we have solutions for everything in our life. Also, it allows us to track a person if they lose the way to their home or is in a situation where a casualty has occurred. This will enable us to find them and be there for them without wasting time.

Involves parents- The time of now has made their family get closed to each other. So not only are these problems are resolving, but also the parents remain close to their child at home and see them what they are doing. At the same time, their online classes, so all these activities have also involved the parents with them.

Generates accessibility- Through digital learning, the accessibility has increased as the connections between relatives as well as children and parents bond has become good by regular interactions through video calling whose children are out of town, state, or country.

Information sharing increased- With the help of digital technologies, a great deal of information can be shared very easily, so children are becoming more knowledgeable about everything, and if need be, they can search it on Google.

Develops coordinating skills in children- The students have developed coordination skills through digital technologies because they started talking to each other and sharing notes in the group, which strengthens their bonding and helps them develop coordination skills.

Helps in creating slides, videos, and presentations for studies- Teachers are responsible for representing lectures in this era of online classes creatively to attract students and help them focus. This digital technology has made the work easier for teachers as they create new attractive and interesting slides for the students, so this has been possible only because of digital technologies.

Aids in making classroom calendars – With the usage of digital tools, the work of all teachers of colleges and schools has become much easier. For example, teachers can create calendars and mark down all the upcoming dates for programs, competitions, and everything else.

Personal experience- Digital technology helps us become personal trainers and gives us a personal experience. It can help us learn many new things and then it can be used again when we have gained experience of the particular thing.

Students become creative through technology- With the help of digital technology, the idea of creativity has increased among children. Today, many children with the aid of digital technology have become entrepreneurs. This technology is being used to design a variety of clothes, shoes, furniture, decoration items, and the infrastructure of buildings, among many others.

Technology is always interesting- In the age of new digital technology, it is always interesting to learn about new things, acquire new skills, become an expert of something, become an explorer, and even become a designer.


We come to the conclusion that digital technology is becoming an increasingly important component of our daily life. We are learning numerous new things as a result of digital technology. Students are also becoming versatile. We are becoming better acquainted with friends and universities thanks to internet technologies. In addition, ties between distant family members have grown stronger.


New technology has also aided many people in becoming more creative. They saved countless lives during the epidemic, for example, since no one could get to school. It would have been life-threatening if they had chosen to take the risk, thus technological improvements have helped online classrooms for both teachers and students, as well as helping teachers manage the curriculums for each class. It also enabled the keeping of children\’s data from the previous two years as well as creating activity calendars for schools and universities.

Digital technology is also assisting in the development of government initiatives that are free of corruption and errors. People are becoming more aware and involved as a result of its assistance. The scanning method has been praised by users for making their lives easier and saving them time. The scan boards in businesses for payments, the scanning codes in TVs for recharging, and the FASTag scanner all made life easier in India and other nations. Not only in education, but also in every other industry in India, digital technologies are proved helpful.

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