Living In A World Of Technology: 10 Incredible Effects

Introduction To Technology

Computers, images, apps, and machines come to mind when we think of technology, but technology doesn\’t just exist because it is fashionable. For example, fireplaces and stone tools were necessary forms of technology that developed throughout the period. Even as the supply of digital technology shapes how we live nowadays, the creation of stone tools modified how premodern humans lived and how they ate.


From the primary calculator, created in 2400 B.C.E., to the fashionable computer, created in 1882 by Charles Babbage, all our technological advances are advancements in previous eras. And indeed, all aspects of our lives nowadays are influenced by technology. In agriculture, the introduction of machines that could thresh, plant, and harvest greatly reduced the need for manual labor, resulting in fewer rural jobs. In agriculture, the advancement of technology has reduced the dependency on manual labor.

Activities like harvesting, threshing are all done by machines. This light-emitting diode to the urbanization of society and lower birth rates, as a result, meant there was less demand for large families to run the farms. Within the criminal justice system, the flexibility to establish innocence through polymer testing has saved the lives of individuals onward. The examples are endless: technology plays a role in almost every aspect of our lives.

Technology represents an awfully necessary facet for today\’s society, providing us with nice blessings and additional opportunities as time passes. Moreover, because the technology we already use allows us to initiate everything else, future technologies represent an excellent possibility for ever-changing our lives even more.

Augmented Reality has great potential once it involves future technologies. It\’s available to use for people via various mobile apps, being different from computer games because it doesn\’t solely place you in a very virtual area, but it additionally overlays info. Large corporations use this technology for various purposes, including virtual team meetings, blueprint illustrations, virtual scale models of merchandise, and various other beneficial activities.


5G is another future development of technology that is about to become attainable for everyone in the world. 5G can provide us with quicker data transfer speeds than ever before, and it\’ll be an excellent facilitator for connecting many devices in no time while not overcrowding.

Many alternative sensible gadgets which will make our lives not only a lot easier but additionally way more economical, like the sensible toothbrush, which can send the info collected straight to your dentist, the sensible mirror, which can provide you with a visible cue on how you look and feel wearable screens and plenty of alternative attention-grabbing gadgets.

So, as we can see on top, technology can play an additional and necessary role in our daily lives, providing us with more opportunities to live our lives to the fullest.

Long Term Good effects


Technology has allowed humans to try to do things quicker and easier. Businesses are taking the greatest advantage of those technical school tools these days. Businesses have the power to extend their targeted audience reach via the web and through completely different sorts of technical tools. For example, microwaves have saved loads of time from warming foods in an exceedingly pan and burning them. We can currently place our food in the kitchen appliance, and it\’ll be heated in an exceedingly minute. There are numerous examples of technology that have made life easier.


Communication has become easier. Nobody may have communicated with a loved one on the other side of the world in an extremely technological-free world. Does one know how communication was created in early times? Letters! And it took months to go to its destination, counting on the space of the location; it may even be 6 to 8 months. No one wishes to travel back in time.


No one! Even baby boomers will be glad for these technical school advances that make communication easier. WhatsApp and Facebook video calls make it easier for parents to send their children away from home. Affiliation can currently be created anytime from any part of the planet. And this can be the simplest factor concerning technology.


One of the most advanced fields of the technological world is Social media. Nowadays, everyone is connected by social media. Every news comes on social media. Other than entertainment, people use social media for showing their talents.


People also use it for silent protests, for raising funds. It is a great platform where everyone can express their thoughts, irrespective of background. People also run their business by advertising it on Instagram, Facebook, etc., for free. It has helped many small-scale businesses to come up with their unique ideas.

Many people in our society possess a good amount of knowledge and creativity, but due to economic backwardness and lack of opportunities, they cannot come up. Social media provides ample opportunity for such people to express their thoughts. This brings up new and creative ideas and can uplift society.
Going to the market and buying stuff is now an old-fashioned thing. Nowadays people, Instead of going out, buy things sitting at home. This is because every small and big thing is available online.

From groceries to fashion, household products, food, electronics, etc., all things can be ordered online and delivered to your doorstep.
There is no need to wander here and there searching for quality and reasonable prices. There are several websites which avail these products. Hundreds of options are available. Without going anywhere, we can visit several shops online and select quality products at reasonable prices.


As a result of having the ability to advertise a lot more effectively and a lot more expeditiously, startups have a better time getting off the bottom because they don\’t have to be compelled to invest as many resources into attempting to extend their exposure by using ancient ways after they will advertise online instead. In addition, selling automation solutions has made it possible to eliminate the requirement for doing several repetitive, long tasks by hand, reducing employees\’ wants.


Many of the technologies that have been introduced over the past decade and are still in progress have made the daily operations of a business a lot more economical, thereby reducing overhead prices and increasing productivity, each of which enhances profits.

Long Term Bad effects

Although there are so many future positive effects from the utilization of technology, how can the construction of atomic bombs be justified on the grounds of security? Is this angle healthy in the long term? Can any future generations even be alive to examine the good technology if atomic bombs are used?

Effects of Overuse of Social media

When we come back to the negative impacts of technology at the end of the day, heaps of things come to mind. The largest disadvantage of technology is that it\’s frozen us socially. The thought of family time is nonexistent in our homes. The fogeys and children are both online at all times, desiring to be connected 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

They do not notice that they\’re becoming disconnected from their family, which is a gift right before them. Indirect gestures like smiling at strangers, common courtesy, and the skill of speaking to others have begun to diminish. These things will have a bad effect on the future generation. They will slowly cut themselves from the social world, and depression will increase.


Perhaps this isn\’t even our biggest concern. Our biggest concern is our health. Due to technology, we tend to be confined to our seats. We will have groceries and food delivered to our doorstep. We\’ve got machines to try and do the cleanup and laundry.


And notwithstanding, we\’d like to travel nearby, we tend to use our cars. We tend to keep our area units perpetually in the presence of artificial air blown from the air-conditioner. This can be the amount of how inactive we\’ve become. We have a habit of paying for a PC, mobile phone, or television for the entire day before. Have a tendency now not to take a walk at the break of dawn. We have a tendency to not select picnics in the park. We tend not to do something ourselves.

The result of this has started to take its toll. The world\’s high-drug practitioners have become afraid of this example. Inactivity because of technology overuse is resulting in serious health issues. There\’s a worrying rise in fat, development delay, mental issues, autism, and ADHD. These issues may result in polygenic disease, heart failure, addiction, violence, and perversion. These issues are carried forward genetically, having a large future negative impact on our future generations.


Due to less physical activity, the body becomes stiff. Sitting in front of mobile and laptops for 6 to 8 hours daily is harmful to the eyes. Nowadays, out of every 5 out of 10 people wear spectacles. Heart problems are incredibly increasing due to less movement of the body.
It is important to do work on laptops and mobiles. But if you sit still for so long, it is also important to exercise at least once a day. It will help in keeping the body in balance.

Natural resource depletion

Modern instruments and gadgets are so powerful that they require large amounts of natural resources to operate. Can result in their depletion at a quicker rate.


Our exaggerated dependency on trendy tools that offer instant solutions has reduced our creative thinking and intelligence. For example, we tend not to consider mental calculations after we have the calculator at our desks. Due to technological advances, human staff gets replaced as machines will do a lot more with less time and a lot more accuracy.



Another large negative future result of technology is heating. Technology massively depends upon the utilization of electricity. We will continue to use renewable energy once technology allows it, increasing the world\’s warming result. The ecosystem and the whole setting are extremely laid low with the utilization of technology. Unit processes embrace the mission of fumes and different waste products.

A large amount of greenhouse gas is being discharged into the atmosphere. In addition, microwaves and different gadgets are emitting harmful radiation. Also, to compensate for our daily wants, over exploration of resources are being done.

Natural resources would take many years to become organic material from fuel, and technology forces people to spend those resources so much that they\’re becoming exhausted. If we continue to use resources inefficiently, future generations will lack the resources to understand what technology truly is.


We tend to become overly enthusiastic about technology and expect it to take care of everything. As a result, we feel helpless once one of our gadgets fails to perform.


If it is overused, it will be harmful. Always keep a balance between things. Do not do one thing at the cost of another. For example, technology is very useful but equally harmful. Using it appropriately will make the technology a blessing. Also, if used just for entertainment purposes, the results will not be beneficial.

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