Impact Of Integrating E-learning Into The Primary Educational System

Electronic learning or e-learning is the education available anywhere and anytime with the aid of resources like computers, DVDs, CDs, photographs/pictures, internet/websites, tablets, phones, laptops, etc. Technological advancements have changed the development of education and the development of technology. All around the world, people are now using android smartphones, which have now become common among everyone, even middle-class and low-class families adopting the latest technologies.

Because of the speed and convenience with which individuals may communicate and learn from others, e-learning has a tremendous effect. It is, nonetheless, appropriate to strike a balance. It is the best advantage for education since it reduces the amount of time spent on textbooks and the strain on the shoulders of students.


In this instance, students do not need to bring any more books because they just require a notebook and their e-learning tools to study. This e-learning is simple, and it is utilized by both students and professors as they prepare their online lectures on the platform. It is so safe in this Covid pandemic that many individuals would prefer rather than go for any other alternative.

How E-learning benefits Education?

E-learning provides remote access as its very first advantage. So, if you are sick and unable to get up from your bed or cannot get up early for classes, this e-learning is convenient for everyone. Whenever something is missed during studying, it becomes difficult to understand. Still, when you are using electronic resources, you can rewind and take another look at what has been covered.

Regardless of where you are or when you want to learn, e-learning helps you get trained at your own pace. As an individual, you do not have to depend on others for your knowledge or your work. Instead, you are free to learn and work wherever and whenever suits you.


With the aid of e-learning, students are gaining more understanding and better education through education platforms. They are getting a detailed explanation and deep physical experiment learning.

In online classes, students always benefit from the support of teachers, friends, and parents who assist them in understanding their concepts. As e-learning is eco-friendly and doesn\’t use as much paper as traditional methods, it also preserves the environment. Moreover, people no longer have to purchase heavily priced books, and they can access electronic materials instead.

The ease of e-learning also benefits homemakers by allowing them to do something great and take care of their families. These are the reasons why job seekers are increasingly turning to online classes that are helping them learn at home and allow them to complete internships or jobs while at home.

The cost of learning has also been reduced with these e-learning resources since transportation money has been saved. Extra curriculum activities have been cut through this; even this e-learning is making learning easier to understand through slides, PPTs, videos, and audio lectures.

There is not that much time to read newspapers or read novels or books in today\’s generation, so electronic learning has made it easier for people to stay on top of everything by using laptops and phones themselves. Moreover, if you cannot carry novels or books while traveling, you can read through electronic sources.


In the past, there was no incentive for us to attend college in order to complete our courses. But now, e-learning is providing us with numerous online courses suitable to our needs. Moreover, E-learning allows us to complete four years of courses from home, plus they provide us with the diploma and degree of the same, which is a great way to use e-learning.

Another advantage of online courses is that they teach for competitive exams, and many students have been benefited, especially students from rural areas, who have to live in cities while studying, have to pay rent, and have to make food for themselves, which tends to make them feel spent. So taking advantage of this e-learning has been a great advantage for them too. They can concentrate more on their studies rather than having to do stuff.

A good example is students living in hostels. They have to go to college regularly, but many of them have higher goals and want to learn more than they are being taught in college. Therefore, they can take advantage of weekends for this purpose. The online courses benefit them by teaching them more that will make their lives easier and help them get the job ASAP.

If the weather is harsh, this e-learning provides you with studies right where you are sitting, so there is no wastage of time, and you need nowhere to go.


The use of e-learning also allows students to get advice from around the world. E-learning can also assist students with getting advice from around the world. Globally, people are continuously giving advice via the internet so that people sitting at home can also find out their career options and choose better options for their lives.

E-learning can be a superior learning method compared to classroom education. Using e-learning, you can learn every concept very quickly since they have a clear vision and provide straightforward teachings and thorough representations.

Students can find motivation in themselves, and they can check themselves out and assess their capabilities, which makes them more open-minded in their learning. As a result of digital learning, scalability has increased. It enables the students to develop their minds on business sites and give them an idea of their future. E-learning allows students to hear all lectures continuously throughout each module, thus making the concepts clear to them. As a result, children are encouraged to work more efficiently and to use their capabilities.

Through E-learning, young researchers have greatly improved abilities and have also been provided with the ability to analyze their own abilities, allowing them to work on improving those abilities.
In this time and age, E-learning facilitates the navigation of students, which is why we can consider it as best.

Disadvantages Of E-learning

One of the biggest disadvantages is that teachers cannot provide immediate feedback to students who have doubts about e-learning. Generally, during online classes, students will have difficulty following along with the teacher speaking, and they find that they have lost the concept. Therefore, this is a major problem both for students who are learning and for teachers, who are trying hard to teach children but not getting it properly without live interactions.

As a result of e-learning, people are becoming addicted to social media. As a result, users of social media have lost their interest in life and social interaction. In the end, they find themselves alone and happy, which is not so healthy for their bodies and minds. People are now living socially isolated lives because of e-learning, and therefore, parents are feeling more stressed out. In addition, social isolation is causing nervousness, lack of concentration, and picking up the phone very quickly when a sudden message appears; mental issues are arising such as stress, anxiety, and negative thoughts.


E-learning is not as simple as people think. Students struggling with online courses feel less confident, as they find themselves in more competition, which could lead to finger-pointing on their reputations if they don\’t get good grades. They also require proper time management since classes take place at a particular time, so you cannot just turn up whenever you want; instead, you must prepare yourself for it beforehand.

E-learning has an effect on students\’ communication skills. Currently, parents find their children to be more reserved because e-learning doesn\’t require a great deal of speaking and communication. Still, students are learning these skills and implementing them in their everyday lives, which puts a burden on parents. It is also becoming evident that students tend to speak less than before and are unable to participate in group discussions like they used to.

Through e-learning, cheating has increased, and students\’ ability to learn has decreased. Cheating is common nowadays by means of which children can take online tests and get the marks they want. The children are thus deprived of their full potential, and they find themselves less motivated towards their studies as a result.

Studying through distance education focuses on theory rather than practical application, which is a disadvantage for students studying practical subjects. It is especially the students of Science, who have pursued chemistry, physics, and biology, that face difficulties when it comes to solving practical problems.

As stated above, we cannot claim that e-learning is effective for science students because, as mentioned above, they do not find it relevant to work the whole time theoretically. Furthermore, like other students, many find it difficult to get their items accurately, so it cannot be considered the most relevant teaching tool.

Because there were no devices or e-learning back then, today\’s parents believe their children are less active today. As a result, they were all energetic throughout the day, which improved their health. Furthermore, this has had an impact on the children\’s lives as well as their mental and physical development, which the parents do not find useful.

E-learning- A Boon Or A Bane?

There is no doubt that e-learning has proven to be a boon for all educators and not only teachers. Using e-learning, students can get all the knowledge they need in an easy way that is accurate and level-specific. Aside from being creative and seeking the best in the future, e-learning helps in becoming a seeker of knowledge.

With e-learning, the children have access to the best platforms to study, and the parents are freed from the burden of taking the children out of the house during this epidemic, and they are able to live a more relaxed and safe life within the house. E-learning has shifted from hardcover to e-books, project files and documents to Google Classroom, whiteboards to tablets and laptops, and classroom meetings to virtual online meetings.


Through the lockdowns, e-learning usage has been a primary use, in which almost all students have studied, and no students have been deprived of education in either lockdown. Additionally, students in villages have learned things online through e-learning and are now more active and involved in their future goals. With the lockdown and using e-learning gadgets, students are finding themselves more engaged and good learners. They get to know various new things that they find themselves unable ever to learn.

E-learning has helped people live according to their own schedules, such as when to wake up, when to sleep, when to work, when to exercise, when to do your hobby, etc. These all can now be done according to your pace and suitability, which is the reason that e-learning is considered a boon and not a ban.


We may conclude from the foregoing that e-learning plays a positive role in society and has an impact on our lives to some extent. As technology advances, e-learning may be a valuable tool for learning, but it can also be difficult for illiterate individuals to understand. People are just finding it useful during this pandemic, and when they are unwell, they are usually bored after being at home all day and learning how to be present in their homes.

Exploratory has deemed e-learning to be the greatest innovator of technology. However, it is harmful to our health. In comparison to earlier, the youngsters are not as joyful or attached to their friends. The same is true for professors who prefer to explain through slides, presentations, and online classes, but they aren\’t always able to address all of their students\’ doubts at the same time. People are more willing to accept the current situation that everyone in the world is experiencing. Still, after the pandemic has ended, people will want to learn outside, it will be that much more worthwhile than it is now.

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