Ways To Use Information And Communication Technology

Information And Communication Technology have shaped its workplaces in various ways throughout the adaptation of tools like the Internet and email for spreadsheets and word processing presentation, for its productivity at office electronic databases, for record-keeping and various robots and artificial intelligence for various automation technology have been indispensable in our daily life as it as it is a very good aspect of business and our space of public. The purpose of this article is to discuss how we use technology in daily life.


Listed below are ten ways technology can be an integral part of our daily lives.

10 ways to use information and Communication Technology

1. ICT In Communication

Communication technology has been a long-distance area where it has had a lot of impact at our workplaces. The integration of technology into daily life has made communication easier between two boundaries. There are various businesses which are used for machine and surface mail and telephone in the past. Today there are various italic communication technologies like email, SMS, chat tools, and many other business communication tools. Also, we have a facility for video conferencing, which reduces the need for physical travel. Technology is a must to communicate with each other and among various organizations and among various people.


Therefore having knowledge of information and communication technology is essential for having interaction between two people or countries. Without communication, we can\’t do any work. Without communication, we can\’t get any work as well as any information. So for sharing information, communication is needed. Therefore, aircraft technology has helped a lot in communication today. We can communicate by a phone call by messages over chats. Whereas via video calls, this is only done with the by the technology today technologists have created a huge impact on our daily life even small to small work we are working through technology, therefore, we can say that it\’s it has created a huge impact for communication.

2. Productivity in Office

We have certain spreadsheets, word presentations, and various word processing software, which have become so common in our commonplace routine. These have completely transformed our office work. In addition, office software is now becoming integrated with its productivity and tools like power bills and has revolutionized the workplace again and again.


3. ICT In Record Keeping

Another best area that has advanced information technology in our daily lives is record keeping. Now, most businesses have switched their work into databases rather than paper files to access their records and retrieve the data. It becomes easy and essential for our everyday part if we use technology in our work environment.

4. Internet Searching

The other major tool that has become so common at our commonplace is really unbelievable and which is the Internet organization which has put such partners like Google and Bing through which we retrieve a lot of information and research using Internet tools which is despite very indispensable tool for each kind of work we perform in all daily life.

5. Cloud Computing

The use of laptops, tablets, and various smartphones makes our live easier to work from anywhere and anytime in a flexible environment. Like if we do freelancing or work on-demand or any work from home, it becomes easy for the people. Recently, we have noticed that the trend has accelerated because of the use of cloud computing in large amounts. Wage data and applications on the server need to be stored, which makes our technology our daily life safe and supple.


6. Analytics

Big data analytics have become very important and play an important role in our business. For example, if we take marketing through digital channels, we require a lot of professionals to work with advanced tools for analytics and advertising routinely. The human resource department also specializes in recruiting performance tracking and work arrangement or retention. Now such data retrieved decision systems allow a lot of workers to act quickly without waiting or wasting their direction from the traditional management structure.


7. Automation and Robotics

There are various workers who work in the manufacturing sector who go through autonomous robots. This is increasing in a large amount as the warehouse logistic office sanitation, and beginning building security has become an important part of our life. As more and more reports work with random people, human workers decide to adjust to the new reality.

8. Adoption of Virtual Reality

There are various sales and marketing realities. Also, virtual reality is gaining ground in several types of vectors. For example, if we take the real estate companies that are increasing enthusiastically with their approach and environment links, use a series of photographs of the properties interior by using the high quality of lenses with 360 degrees of cameras in itself.

9. Conversation Systems Of Chats

Various conventional systems like a chat box and personal assistance are tools that are now working with various companies that have developed the chatbox or use the support customer systems. These work as frontline agents by human agents. There is another use of conversational Greek mythology, which is the talking assistance that has integrated the work with the home environment and has been designed to help the workers navigate their various duties.


10. Information Security

With the increase in technological environments, business is a huge concern. The security of sensitive data protecting customers and their data is an essential task for the enterprise from physical access control tokens or biomarkers communication control. It becomes essential for the mechanism to be an intrinsic part of the 21st-century workplace. Today, digital disruption is playing a key role in transforming businesses with various innovations like artificial intelligence and machine learning. Internet of Things has completely transformed the world and the nature of work in addition to various basic technologies like office Productivity Toolslife.


Innumerable ways have modern technology altered our lives, from how we live to how we play and how we work. Recently televisions have received a great height of technology in various American homes. On the other hand, modern offices consider themselves unrecognizable to workers due to some profit flow proliferation of Indians video conferencing smartphones and laptops.

Technology In Communication:

Communication is one of the areas where technology has had the greatest impact. For most of the last century, technology has involved a lot of letter writing taxing spending hours on the phone; From conversing with people outside to making it a difficult process requiring physical letters and a lot of patience, technology has involved a lot of letter writing taxing spending hours on the phone, professional communication was a difficult process requiring physical letters and a lot of patience, from conversing with people outside to making it a difficult process requiring physical letters and a lot of patience. Now it has is no longer email is now the primary mode of business communication in today\’s working place.


Education: The computers and the Internet have transformed education to a great extent. Now computers are storing a huge amount of data in a very small space, then the ever-better presentation of information and making the process of teaching more effective. Now online education has provided a very great learning opportunity to people all over the world. Lectures and lessons can be uploaded to websites or written in video form, making the information accessible within 24 hours.

Technology In Health:

Technology has made a huge impact on the healthcare industry. There has been advancement in diagnostic tools, improving the odds of successful lifesaving treatments. There have been vaccines which is incredibly effective in practically eradicating the diseases such as smallpox etc. These are the diseases that once caused a massive epidemic. Modern medicine has allowed the patient to manage chronic diseases or conditions of life-threatening such as diabetes and hypertension. There has been advancement in medical technology, which has increased the improvement in the quality of life over people worldwide.

Productivity: Since computers\’ ability to solve such complex mathematical equations was allowed to speed up, productivity has skyrocketed. Computer modeling has enabled engineers to organize structures, vehicles, and materials to provide information in almost every task. The ability of computer networks to share and manipulate data can be sped up with a variety of tasks prior to prototyping in the office. Technological advancement in agriculture has also increased food production advancements. Technology has improved the virtual aspect of our lives, and the best one is yet to come.

How Information And Communication technology changed our lives?

With the introduction of modern technology, our daily lives have changed significantly. Before ICT, man did not know the modern means of his life. Several shreds of evidence of history tell us how stones were born to fire the food. Then, there was UV wood used to make pure videos to hunt animals and other primitive methods. Then over the years past, there comes the techniques developed gradually, which reached the peak of technological advancement in the present time. Then, information and communication technology knocked on the doors of people, and the life of the people became easy. So the most significant changes that technology has brought in our modern life.


What is the role of technology in our daily lives?

Without a doubt, our technology is rapidly evolving. Technology has both its negative and a positive impact on our lives, but as a result, we have seen a lot of positive impacts in our lives. So we heavily demand technology. Continuously, there has been technology that is not stopped at a single threshold. We still have daily discoveries and inventions by various scientists. Technology has inserted spread all over the world, and people use it all the time. It is now being no longer limited to work and in developed societies but as we people, regardless of the culture or social level, use a cell phone at every age.

For example, we know we need technology to take pictures to send or receive them. Technology is also keeping us in touch with people who are away from us. Our daily work office is also technology-based since people no longer now use paper or pen to complete their work, but since the advent of technology, there are machines in the gym which also reduce our weight and keep us fit. So to keep a lot of information on his pole device, we need technology with ourselves. Of course, technology can also be inappropriate in various tasks and have negative influences. Still, everyone determines, and this decides how to use it, whether in a negative or a positive way.

Importance of Technology In Decision-Making and Problem-Solving


Information And Communication Technology have contributed a lot to various solutions to human problems. Especially in the present time, it has been changed as a rapid state associated with a lot of information. It has also facilitated a lot of communication between human beings. It has helped a lot of ways to provide different means of transport and introduce various agricultural methods that have been a reason for increasing food production also.
It should be noted that various applications in the field of health care are already using the technology as a positive fact, and many other technology means have developed the various means of easy life being of people and saved the life.

With a lot of time and with less time and effort, for example, ICT has supplied a lot of factors with various advanced machines and equipment. Also, this has helped a lot of high-quality goods and services to facilitate production processes in various factories with less time and effort consuming. With audition, it can also be said that it has been helped to reduce the cost of operating for the benefit of employers. Thus, technology is used in every field; whether it says health care, industries, business, education, or any development, education is needed everywhere.

For education information, communication is needed, and for that, technology has created a huge impact on us. Today we are able to do all the work through technology. It has created a lot of scope over the world. Now the people are not facing the mass labor or man labor problem. Today everything is done so easily, effectively, and accurately, which is a boon for us.

Thus, our lives are impacted by information and communication technologies. Consequently, India would not have developed to such an extent without this technology. The advancement of technology has made technologists, adding safety, efficiency, and suppleness to our lives. Therefore, we can conclude that technology is essential for our development and the transformation of India from a developing to a developed country.

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