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Here Are 10 Positive And Negative Effects Of Technology On Society – Servon Solution

Here Are 10 Positive And Negative Effects Of Technology On Society

Effects Of Technology On Society

Technology is very important for the better-being of the country and its people. But, At the same time, it is also dangerous as it causes chances of ecosystem damage. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of technology in our lives and our society. While we cannot decide whether it has only advantages or disadvantages, we at least can relate its uses to our daily life, so that we can draw conclusions. Initially, let us examine the Positive And Negative Effects Of Technology On Society


Below are some advantages and disadvantages of technology as they relate to society\’s needs. Since our uses vary depending on the technology used, it is better to list all common advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Technology

As mentioned above, technology affects our society in different ways, lets list out some common, occurring 10 advantages of technology.

1. Production Increased Significantly

The use of technology greatly enhances the production of goods and materials. The human mind gets tired after a while, but machines have the ability to keep going. Machines which are an evolution of technology advancement in society, are also more efficient than humans. Machines perform the task with greater accuracy and efficiency than humans. Consider the clothing we wear. If machines hadn\’t made it, it would have taken humans weeks to complete a single set of clothes. Technology made this possible, allowing a single machine to do a lot more work each day hence increasing the production of goods significantly.


2. Impact Of Technology On Business

Suppose we think that none of the computers or customer care-related problems is functional. Then, we can say that the companies can\’t improve their service and optimize it according to the needs of the customers. For example, if we bring something from the shop, let\’s say related to electronics, we have nothing to worry about until the end of the warranty. Then, we need to make a phone call in order to get it fixed upon any problems.

pe The example above is just one of many ways technology has a huge impact on various industries in order to improve productivity. There are huge impacts of technology on the business industry as business is the most widely used sector of technology. Everyone has access to convenient and efficient means of working today. We are capable of doing our work with greater accuracy. Business services have been made easier as a result. Thus, In business, technology has its own great impact.  

3. Saves Time

The biggest advantage of technology is the efficiency of time. Nowadays, everything is at least a little automatic. Several computer-based businesses are great examples of the time efficiency of technology. For example, if we want to order something, we don\’t have to pick our car and reach to place, we need to make a phone call, and the product will reach us within hours. Since technology has allowed us to work with less labor, it, in turn, has reduced the wastage of time. Today everything can be done through technology. We need to have atmost knowledge regarding technology and the various technological terms.

4. Technology Accelerates Things

Technology is something that boosts production, or we can say it can accelerate almost any physical work. It opens a huge possibility for building to explore new and new dimensions. Technology creates other technologies.


5. Enhanced Communication Due To Techology

During the medieval period, it was never easy to communicate. Still, now there have been many communication mediums such as fax, phone, Internet, which is useful both for individuals and businesses. There is no way we are now; communication is incredibly comfortable in utilizing modern technology. WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger are various examples of communication that work as service providers.

6. Safe Storage

Before it was extremely difficult to keep up with the files and stacks, reports in our office or at our home, but now even one full room of document files can be stored using technology. As a result, technology has not only made our files safer, but also it has freed a lot of space over desks.

7. Learn With Technology

Technology can improve the ability of people, that is, the students, to explore their knowledge.No matter what age you belong to, it is never too late. If we had an Internet connection and a device to connect to it, we could know the world to learn. Also, numerous famous colleges, schools, and universities conduct online classes and projects for participating students throughout the world. This helps as a better connection and group learning.

8. Helps in Engaging Students

These days students tend to learn from the Internet more than their class studies or textbooks. By encouraging technology with the help of the education system, parents and teachers greatly engaged their students in their study which. The students always love to see video presentations overhearing to a boring class, not only for the students but also for the people who can put together with the help of technology in the system of education.


9. Capability Increment

We know that the world is slowly getting into the world of computers. But for that, having certain knowledge of technology brings a new phase towards the enrichment of the labor, which indirectly increases the capability of people. Thus, for a better future, having a basic idea of Management and production inputs more.

10. Helps People With Disabilities

We know that the education of individuals with certain disabilities was always challenging. Still, these days, with the help of various futurist inventions like text messaging classrooms advanced touch recognition, they are also enjoying the beautiful scenario of the world of education like that person with leg problems or hand problems can easily travel with their self-control wheelchairs also blind people can easily use smart wearables and the various use of technology for people with disabilities is almost.

Disadvantages of Technology

The very important thing to discuss is the demerits of technology in human life. Even if the technology reaches its peak, we can still nut some of the serious issues can be resolved here 8 disadvantages of technology.


1. It May Not Be 100% Secure

Technology does not provide 100% safety, as it has become easier to steal important ships and important documents, as there are also hackers and spammers who steal sensitive information from every person\’s device, and private information of companies, Therefore, technology has been proven to be insecure sometimes.

2. Internet Connection Is Not Always Constant

We can never say that we will always be connected with the phone or the Internet, but yes, there are some technologies that are not often disturbed. However, It is true that they do get disconnected at some point. There are several parts of the country without a proper internet connection or even a network to connect, and the weather conditions in some places also hinder connectivity.

3. Social life Gets Affected

The effects of technology have many advantages and disadvantages in our social life; for example, technology connected us virtually from distant locations through social media but disconnected them from the family and neighbors. Moreover, since a lot of work is done online, we are creating a gap over our relatives and neighbors because we are totally busy with our online work, which needs more attention.

4. Classroom Distraction

Technology has a lot of advantages in the education system, but the most irritating disadvantage is the ability of the student to make them useful for non-educational purposes. For example, with modern smartphones, children can play games and serve their favorite social media performs, which won\’t do any good. Still, it can be controlled by specifying some limitations to their devices.


5. Technology Is Expensive

When we talk about the advantage and disadvantages of technology in education, it is the most important thing to discuss the cost of modern technology gadgets. Even if there are lots of iPads and laptops, the bitter truth is that most of them are not affordable to normal and middle-class people. This leads to inequality in the education system. It is nevertheless to say that it also affects not educational sectors.

6. Requires additional training

It\’s a fact that there are people who still need training in order to use the technical technologies, especially when it comes to education. The teachers and their students have to take additional training in order to keep up with the technology of the latest demand. This results in the difficulty of the high-tech educational system. For having such knowledge of Technology and technological terms, one must have prior knowledge of all the technicalities, which is essential for future use. For that, one needs to have additional course training. This will help in more growth of future generations too.

7. Affected the nature

This one is the worst disadvantage of technology in human life. The factories and their modern devices pollute the air-water soil to a great extent. Moreover, even the factories produced much stuff that greatly hurt the earth and the ecosystem.

8. Used For Unfair Means

Conclusion: Many technological gadgets are being used for bad things as most people have access to the information to the latest technology of how they can use them; it offers a way for bad people to use them too. So in the wrong hands, technology is bad.

Why Technology Is Important

Technology has become a part of our lives. We can\’t imagine our survival without technology. In today\’s world, the coronavirus pandemic has also proven that there is a lot of technology to stay connected towards work for communication and survival.


However, there are some important reasons why we need technology.

1. Communication

The foremost purpose of technology serves in communication. Various social media and other applications have brought families together. Today families are less worried about their children these days because technology has provided or given them all the information about their children, so they are much more relieved about their safety.

2. Security

Technology provides security. There are several home security devices like door cam anti-theft applications which can be linked with our smartphones. These are electronically built for safety purposes. When we have a gadget of communication, we know we can call whenever we are in trouble.

3. Internet

Without the Internet, Globalization wouldn\’t have been possible. Today\’s world is connected unitedly just because of technology. For example, if we are locked in a room and have the Internet facility and an electronic gadget with us, we can solve our problem super soon.

4. Knowledge

The days of rushing from one library to the next in our city to find books and materials for college projects and schools are long gone. Today, we can learn from wherever we want and whenever we need because we have an Internet end computer facility.

5. Education

Technology has the capability to overcome the barriers of time and place with the Internet.
Today online learning has become effective for students and colleges, so every school shifted its programs online.
Besides these, all technological gadgets like kindle and tablets are making reading and writing easier.

6. Entertainment

In the world of entertainment, technology has contributed heavily. Online streaming platforms and many more have contributed a lot towards entertainment and making the world into a complete digital model. Entertainment is what our youngsters need when they are bored or happy. Any mood swings can be handled through entertainment. Hence we can say that technology has helped us to be happier these days.

Researchers have found a lot of evidence of the contribution of technology in our daily lives. In fact, technology is saving our life. There are major operations in medical diagnosis which happen due to technology. We do our communication work and education, which is almost possible with technology today. Thus technology has filled our time with meaningful content. But apart from all these advantages, certain disadvantages create some ill effects on our daily lives, but the advantages cut those disadvantages from human life.

This was all about how technology is creating technologists and these technologists running our country and lives. With such efficiency and accuracy of the technology, we would have never been in today\’s position.

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