B.Tech Vs B.Sc: 5 Key Differences you must know About

Today endless courses are being offered for different fields. Each one differs with a different curriculum and period to complete it. While coming to B.Sc., there is a wide range of courses, stipulating three years.

When it\’s Btech, it must be a 4-year degree, which offers a wide range of courses. But ever wondered why Btech is a 4-year degree course while B.Sc. is three years? Has the time difference had something to do with its completion? Why has this been formulated, and what is behind that history? This blog is for you if you want to make a more accurate judgment while choosing one from B.Tech Vs B.Sc. Let\’s deep dive into the world of these courses in detail and discover the facts and build knowledge.


What is B.Sc.?

B.Sc. is an acronym meaning Bachelor of Science. A Bachelor of Science is an often-applied generic term used to specify a course of study consisting of 1 to 3 years of formal education and training.

Generally, students at universities who receive a Bachelor of Science degree (i.e., an undergraduate) must complete more than 120 credit hours of course work to graduate.

BSc is a popular course that excels well at research and science-related things. Science opens multiple ways to experiment, research, discover and learn. It seems that if you are a student who excels in doing things like research and science-related things, then you would naturally find yourself bound for choosing the BSc course. The course is commonly known to be very popular among those with good research skills that are proficient in science-related subjects.

So, BSc can open up both theoretical and practical ways of enhancing our knowledge. After completion of BSc, one can opt for M.Sc.

List of B.Sc courses

The B.Sc. programs are classified into two categories. B.Sc. general and B.Sc. Honors. B.sc honors are mostly focused on practical aspects like research and also theoretical. While B.Sc. Honors are also both theoretical and practical, but it is not as rigid as B.Sc. general. It showers some basic science knowledge. These programs are best for students planning a career in the job market. Students should study. After B.Sc., one can also plan for M.Sc., which has a high value.

Some of the course which comes under the B.Sc. course is the following. Each one has its own set of specializations. The B.Sc scope is much, and it\’s also worth perusing these specializations. The following can be perused under this valuable B.Sc. course.

  • BSc Physics
  • BSc Chemistry
  • BSc Biology
  • BSc Mathematics
  • BSc IT (Information Technology)
  • BSc Computer Science
  • BSc Microbiology
  • BSc Biotechnology
  • BSc Biochemistry
  • BSc Botany
  • BSc Animation
  • BSc Hospitality
  • BSc Agriculture
  • BSc Geography
  • BSc Economics
  • BSc Zoology
  • BSc Nursing
  • BSc Fashion Design

What is B.Tech?

Btech is an acronym meaning Bachelor of Technology. It is a full-time course with four years stipulating a period. Btech offers a wide range of subjects which include engineering and technology. The course is designed in a way to offer knowledge in technological and technical related aspects. Therefore, it is both theory and practical-oriented.

It usually consists of content related to engineering aspects and focuses on science. More than half (60%) of employers view a bachelor\’s degree as \”an industry-standard measurement to determine the specific skills and knowledge a professional will bring to the job.\”

Btech offers various kinds of specializations and makes us explore in-depth of using and dealing with the software\’s, hardware and other kinds of stuff. Students also gain training and hands-on experiment opportunities, which enhances their skill and knowledge.

List of B.Tech courses

B. Tech is skill/data-oriented. The course is more of application engineering. Like B.Sc, Btech also has innovative courses which tailor one to develop innovative gadgets and other useful technical gadgets. If you are a candidate, who is completed 12th, definitely you can dive into this Btech and explore the field of Science and Information Technology. The courses here also provide a great opportunity for a career with a great future.

Some of the course which comes under the Btech course is the following. Each one has its own set of specializations. Let\’s explore some of the courses.

  • Computer Science Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics & Communication Engineering
  • Marine Engineering
  • Metallurgical Engineering
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Electronics & Electrical Engineering
  • Ceramic Engineering

B.Tech Vs B.Sc- What Is The Difference?

While the engineering field has always been highly regulated, the Bachelor of Technology (BTech) has a very different status from that of a Bachelor of Science (BSc). Time creates all the difference. But ever wondered why Bachelor of Technology (BTech) is a 4-year course while Bachelor of Science (BSc) is three years one. A question that BTech holds is how does it differ from the BSc? So let\’s ponder upon its difference and get a clear idea about why Btech is a 4-year course, while B.Sc. is three years only?

The Course Type- B.Tech Vs B.Sc

We all know that B.Sc. is an undergraduate course, so it is limited to 3 years and post that one must apply for M.Sc. and study. The educational system over there has a goal of enabling students to gain over academic knowledge during its three years period. So, an undergraduate course is limited to 3 years. Beyond that, it\’s not possible to study, so it\’s kept as three years one. So, the course usually lasts for a shorter duration of three years.

The Btech is an engineering course. It\’s impossible to study the wide, huge ocean of information in 3 years. So, it is kept for four years for enabling students to complete the course and gain more knowledge. Also, in some cases, a Btech course is 3years in some places, which is an exception. For example, in Calcutta University, the Btech course is allotted three years duration. Only students with an undergraduate degree in science are admitted.

In India, the BTech course is one of the most popular courses of engineering courses. Engineering students take this course to become a technologist. Probably, this course is the most popular course of engineering in India studied for four years.

The Syllabus- B.Tech Vs B.Sc

Another big reason we can differentiate the Bachelor of Science from the Bachelor of Technology is its course duration. B.Sc. has a limited syllabus as it\’s an undergraduate course. So, the students can complete the degree faster, so the course requirements and knowledge are satisfied in a shorter duration of time. So, it kept as a 3-degree course.

Also, the duration of a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) differs B.Sc. degree from 3 years to 5 years. But, again, it depends on the place, and country students choose to peruse. For example: In Argentina, the course duration is five years, but in India, it\’s three years.


But most commonly, it\’s widely accepted as a three years degree course due to its short span of syllabus and other reasons.

In the case of the Btech, it was kept for four years to manage its huge and wide range of syllabus. Generally, the subjects have heavy weightage and an ocean of syllabus. So, students will not be able to cover and manage to complete the course in 3 years, though there are rare cases where students have a chance to complete it. Due to these factors, keeping in mind, Bachelor of Technology is kept as a 4-degree course.

The level of difficulty- B.Tech Vs B.Sc

While coming to the level of difficulty, Bachelor of Science is quite easy and comfortable as compared to Bachelor of Technology. So, the course is designed to pave a wider way to complete the course three years for students. So, it\’s designed in that manner.

While a Bachelor of Technology is not easy as a Bachelor of Science, it is quite tough and more demanding. So due to its difficulty level, the students may face tough scenarios to complete it within a limited time. So, it\’s kept as a four years course rather than three years one. For the students to cope with the course subjects, it\’s been designed in that way.

As it becomes tougher, there might be students who are struggling to pass their final examinations due to the lack of practice. But, on the other hand, the long four years enable students to cope with their studies and reach their goals. So, to withstand the pressure of studying and studies, it is set as a 4year degree course. This differentiates Bachelor of Science from the Bachelor of Technology.

Course type- B.Tech Vs B.Sc

Bachelor of Science (BSc) is not a professional course; it is a bachelor\’s degree. So, this does not require much training. Students will be able to cope with the subjects, and their subjects will not be rough and tough. So, considering these aspects, it is kept as a 3-year degree course.

On the other hand, Bachelor of Technology (Btech) is not yet another degree; it is a professional course. Just like that, you can\’t complete it quickly. So, it requires special teaching and more training for students. So, to complete the course, the students require a longer period and great effort.

The BTech course aims to provide a 4-year education that is equivalent to a 4-year degree, on a faster turn-around time and a more state-of-the-art teaching and learning methodology that includes higher-level theoretical and practical skills. In other words, a BTech graduate will become an employable graduate in the industry but with a 4-year duration. So, considering their requirements, a Bachelor of Technology is kept for four years.

Area Of Study- B.Tech Vs B.Sc

Bachelor of Science (BSc) is a pure science course and is mostly theoretical oriented. Which mostly deals with theoretical and theoretical. Therefore, your practical knowledge of the exact nature of science is not much of a concern in this course. The course is going to be science-oriented according to its nature. We, moreover, feel that practical training will not be required in this course. Currently, this course is not for career-oriented students.

Though many universities also offer courses that draw from Theoretical, Pure, and Applied Science, Mathematics, or similar. Comparing BSc with other degrees, it seems that the course is mostly theoretical oriented. So, which makes clear to a point, that it doesn\’t take years to complete it. Three years is enough for it to complete it.

Whereas Bachelor of technology (Btech) in Applied Science. It is more practical and technical related. It requires more explorations and demonstrations and is mostly based on creative design.


A Bachelor of Technology degree is more practical, technical, and exploratory in nature. When you major in this field, you will be required to take more classes on various natures of technology. This degree is not the same as a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree, which is based on theoretical courses and a scientific approach, which doesn\’t require four years to complete. Thus, this Bachelor of Technology degree requires four years to complete.


Hence B.Sc. and Btech both have their weightage on their own means and have different periods according to their own rules and regulations. The difference in time is placed considering its factors, weightage, and course design.

This comparison between both Btech and B.sc provides a clear idea about why one is four years while the other one is three years. B.Sc. and Btech have their own weightage considered; the only difference is that one is considered more prestigious than the other. But both have their own periods. BTech takes four years to complete, while B.Sc. takes three years.

The best education you choose depends on your own sets of needs and expectations. With a lot of options available, it\’s quite easy to get lost while searching for the best institute. Hence both B.Sc. and Btech are different, and the period is different. And the most common question remains unanswered:

What\’s the difference between B.Sc. and Btech, and which is worth perusing?

Try to answer this. Let\’s take this topic one step ahead by sharing valuable knowledge and making each other grow!

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