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Be a pilot; soar the sky! Complete career profile



Pilots are highly skilled individuals, extensively trained for operating various types of aircraft. They responsible for maintaining the internal workings of an airplane and its overall mechanism. They are classified into various categories depending upon the different specializations in the category of aircraft. There can be a pilot who flies a fighter plane, one who transports passengers or goods or some of them may be privately hired. The specialization of a pilot completely depends on the stream and subjects they choose. The training programs for becoming a pilot vary depending on the type of aircraft.

If aircraft and the sky mesmerize you like anything, then maybe being a pilot is your best-suited career profile! Read more to know more about this Career profile.

What does a Pilot do?

The work of a pilot depends primarily on their specialization. They could fly large commercial airplanes or cargo aircraft to transport substantial quantities of mail, cars, machinery, or other products from one place to another. They could even fly helicopters. Today\’s most common form of pilots are those working for an airline firm responsible for carrying flying passengers. Apart from operating the aircraft, they have other duties as well.

They have to perform pre-flight inspections and check the weather and flight logs before departing. During the flight, they are the ones responsible for the safety and well-being of passengers traveling in their aircraft. They might even need to make split-second decisions in case of any emergency during flight hours.

This career profile is a well-demanded career in the military sector as well. A military pilot has to transport military personnel, soldiers, and equipment or goods for the government. They fly jets, bombers, and helicopters in case of any rescue or combat mission.

Pilots are also employed by rich businessmen and famous celebrities to serve the on-demand travel needs of their clients. Those who have had enough experience in the industry also tend to work as an instructor where they teach aviation lessons and flight fundamentals to students.



  • Flexible work schedule: Pilots do not have to work 9 to 5 every day. Their work hours are quite flexible. They can choose to travel according to their own requirements and schedule.
  • Good pay scale: It is one of the highest-paid professions in India as well as abroad. They have a handsome pay scale which enables them to live a cushy life. Here’s a list of courses with high-salary packages.
  • Non-monetary benefits: Apart from a good pay scale, a pilot gets a number of non-monetary benefits including medical insurance, free meals, complimentary lodging, and other allowances.
  • Job security: The demand for this career profile in the aviation industry is much higher than the number of people who are actually qualified for these jobs. This makes this job more secure. Once hired by a corporation, you can often anticipate staying there for a very long time.
  • Aviation has a great scope: Be it government or private sector, aviation has great scope in the future and coming years. The aviation industry faces constant changes ultimately providing greater job opportunities.

How to become a Pilot?

Follow the detailed steps provided below after passing your graduation from high school :


Here’s a description of How to prepare for NDA from class 11 ?

Eligibility Criteria

Age Limit

  • Candidates must be at least 17 years old to apply for any aviation course.
  • The maximum age limit for this profession completely depends on the type of entrance exam or institute.

Educational Qualifications

  • A candidate applying for admission in any aviation course must have passed 10+2 with physics, chemistry, and mathematics as compulsory subjects.
  • A candidate must have studied English at an Intermediate level till 10+2.
  • Candidates are required to have passed the qualifying exam with at least 50% aggregate.
  • If a candidate from a commerce background wants to pursue these courses then he/she can enroll in PCM subjects from an open state board.

Medical Requirements

  • It is mandatory for all aspiring aviators to have a pilot class one medical certificate issued by the authorities.
  • The right height, weight, and body mass index (BMI) are necessary conditions to operate the airplane safely. They also need to have great vision and good hearing ability.

Skill Requirement

  • Clear communication
  • Environmental awareness
  • Team working skills
  • Aircraft awareness
  • Quick decision making
  • Leadership skills
  • Mathematics and technical skills

Entrance Examinations

You must pass various entrance tests if you want to develop a profession in the aviation sector. These entrance examinations\’ primary objective is to evaluate a candidate\’s aptitude, communication, and decision-making abilities. Take a short peek below to learn more about these entrances.

  • Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Academy (IGRUA) entrance test for pilots.
  • Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT).
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Common Entrance Test (AME CET).

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Aviation Courses

You can pursue aviation courses right after completing your 10+2. There are various institutes and universities offering admissions for the same. Have a look at the table below to know about all the UG and PG courses

Courses Available At UG Level

S. No.Course
1BSc (Bachelor of Science) Aviation
2BBA Aviation Operations
3BBA Airport Management
4B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) Avionics Engineering
5B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) Aeronautical Engineering
6B.E. (Bachelor of Engineering) Aerospace Engineering
7B.E. (Bachelor of Engineering) Aeronautical Engineering
8BMS in Aviation Management

Courses Available At PG Level

S. No.Course
1MSc (Master of Science) Aerospace Engineering
2MBA in Aviation
3MSc in Aviation
4MSc (Master of Science) Aeronautical Science
5M.E. (Master of Engineering) Aeronautical Engineering
6M.Tech. (Master of Technology) Aeronautical Engineering
7M.Tech. (Master of Technology) Aerospace Engineering
8M.E. (Master of Engineering) Aerospace Engineering
9M.Tech. (Master of Technology) Avionics Engineering

Top Institutes offering aviation Courses:

There are various colleges and institutes offering aviation courses right after class 12th. If you want to make your future in the aviation industry as a pilot then you must enroll in any of the given universities :

Institutes In Abroad Offering Courses:

S.  No.Institutes
1CAE Oxford Aviation Academy
2Flight Safety Academy
3Purdue University
4University of North Dakota
5Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
6Hallmark University
7Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology

Institutes In India Offering Courses:

S.  No.Institutes
1Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Academy
2Rajiv Gandhi Academy of Aviation Technology
3Ahmedabad Aviation and Aeronautics Limited
4Institute of Aviation and Aviation Safety
5Government Aviation Training Institute
6Puducherry Thakur College of Aviation
7National Flying Training Institute

Types of pilot specializations:


There are more than seven specializations for any aviator. The job profile and the specialization are completely based on the course and subjects chosen by the candidate at the time of certification. The table below will explain in detail about the same :

Commercial pilotsThey are responsible for managing cargo and passenger flights. They are also trained to fly firefighter planes.
Cargo pilotsThey manage commercial flights carrying shipments and couriers and use advanced technologies for loading and unloading the shipment to the correct locations.
Charter pilotsThey are responsible for flying charter planes closely related to an individual or any business. They are directly related to the customers.
Military pilotsThey are trained to defend the country from foreign attacks in any air to air combat.
Firefighter pilotsThey are responsible for flying firefighter aircraft. These aircraft are generally used in wildlife fires, forest fires, or during any natural calamity.
Test pilotsThey have the responsibility of checking a newly produced or modified aircraft ensuring that the aircraft is fine for operations.
Helicopter pilotsThey are responsible for flying helicopters. They are specially licensed and certified by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) for this purpose.

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Pay scale

A pilot is one of the highest-paid professionals in the world. We would rather say that sky\’s the limit for them! Their pay scale completely depends on the experience they have gained and the specialization they choose. To know more about their pay scale, refer to the information given below.

Specialization-Wise Salary Of A Pilot:


Experience-Wise Salary Of A Pilot:


Top Recruiting Agencies:

Some of the top recruiting bodies in aviation industry are given below:

  • Jet Airways
  • Government of India (Air Force)
  • Indigo
  • Air India
  • Spice Jet
  • Vistara
  • Air Asia

Demands And Future Scope:

Government sector

  • The government has recently said that there will be a requirement of 1000 fresh commercial aviators every year.
  • According to a survey, about 862 commercial pilot licenses were issued in the year 2021, 578 in 2020, and 744 in 2019.
  • The data shows that there is an increasing scope for this career profile in the coming years.
  • Aviation is a constantly changing industry, that requires new concepts and skills every second, thus making the scope even larger.

Private sector

  • Vistara, SpiceJet, Air India, and AirAsia are some of the top recruiting domains providing numerous opportunities for this career profile.
  • With a handsome pay scale and rewarding job profile, this profession has no limits for its scope in the private sector.

Some famous Pilots from India

Some Famous Indian Pilots
NameCareer as a pilot
Gunjan SaxenaGunjan Saxena is an Indian Airforce officer and a former helicopter pilot. She served in the Kargil war in 1999.
Abhinandan VardhmanAbhinandan Vardhman is an Indian Air Force fighter aviator. He received the Vir Chakra award for the display of inevitable courage against the Pakistan army.
Man Mohan SinghMan Mohan Singh was the first Indian Aircraft Aviator to fly solo from England to Karachi.
J.R.D TataHe was a non-resident Indian aviator, industrialist, entrepreneur, and chairman of Tata Group.
Avani ChaturvediShe is a combat pilot in the Indian Airforce and was declared the first female combat pilot of India.

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