10 EASY STEPS TO BECOME A SUCCESSFUL IOS DEVELOPER: iOS development is an exciting career field and more demanding. Unfortunately, it\’s also tough: iOS development professionals are sorely underpaid compared to other job and career fields. That\’s unfortunate as most iOS developers are obligated to learn a programming language that is unlike any other. Not only is there no compensation for a developer\’s time.

In this article, you will be able to read the necessary requirements and steps that must be followed to become an Apple Developer, begin creating and selling apps, and dig deeper into becoming a professional iOS developer and earn more!

Give it a read fully to understand this field, its demand, and the steps to become a successful professional iOS developer!

Who is the iOS developer, and what do they do?

Ever wondered what does iOS developers do? Who are they? First, let\’s look at its basics and move on to the steps.
Interest in mobile development is skyrocketing as more people develop for iOS and are looking for entry-level opportunities in this booming field.
An iOS developer is a person who makes apps for iPhones and iPad. It primarily involves the development of software for iPhone and iPad that helps people improve their lifestyle and have more fun.


iOS developers are primarily involved in the design, development, and testing of mobile applications and also help in creating software for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. They typically work for mobile application companies, software development companies, or mobile device companies. They are also involved in developing web apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

iOS and its huge demand in today\’s world

It is unlikely that the user base of a particular mobile platform is more demanding than that of a rival platform. However, we suspect the quality of life demanded of an iOS developer is different than that of a C developer. iOS development is simpler, and Apple updates its iOS devices more frequently.

Customers nowadays are demanding and asking for features in a short time frame, skipping long releases, and the need to have a quick impact, which is provided by iOS.
Finance, talent, and the need for technological innovation all seem to play important roles in India\’s demand for iOS developers. With the increasing popularity of iPhones and iPad, the demand for iOS developers has seen a rapid increase over the last few years.

The demand for iOS developers has increased dramatically in recent years in India. Still, there is no clear-cut way for companies to identify local talent. This is hampering their growth in an increasingly talent-driven market.


The simplistic answer to why India\’s talent pool of coders is so robust is because the country has a huge population. In fact, it\’s the fifth most populous country in the world, with more than 1.3 billion people. As a result, experienced iOS developers with good language skills can reportedly command salaries of $10,000 to $20,000 per month. That\’s more than the average annual salary in the United States.

Since India has a huge talent pool, they are willing to invest in its own educational programs. However, the development is slowly surpassing the United States in numbers. That being said, India is poised to be a leader in the industry if they continue to advance its education and infrastructural status.

Steps to become a successful professional iOS developer

iOS is a great field you can step into. Once you step into this amazing field, you can earn a lot
of profit. Are you a beginner? It may be confusing for you to where to start and how to become an expert in this app development field.

Do you want to be successful as an iOS Developer? This article offers you ten easy steps to becoming a successful iOS Developer! Try to implement these ten steps to become a successful iOS developer.

1) Buy a Mac

Mac is an essential component tool and the first and foremost step to developing iOS. Without it, you could start developing it. So consider this step seriously. If you don\’t have one, buy one. As a developer of iOS, one must be clear about achieving these goals, as this is the base for the remaining steps.


Consider this step, get your fastest and coolest Mac device and start working on developing your iOS. I know Mac is costly; not everyone can buy it. But think of alternative solutions; as a developer, you need to think beyond your money. You can also think about the Mac mini when considering the money.

So, while buying the Mac, consider these factors. First, it must be convenient for you to carry, most preferably a large screen would do a lot. So, try to buy your working tool.

2) Install the app Xcode.

Bought the Mac? Cool. Now it\’s time to take the next step. Time to install a new software right away from the Mac App Store. It\’s Xcode. It\’s been built primarily for iOS developers. It is completely free to install. Xcode is for developing iOS software.

Xcode is an easily-accessible, integrated development environment developed by Apple Inc. and used by developers to write and test apps, which can be distributed through the company\’s iOS, and macOS.


Xcode actually refers to the software development process itself, which as a whole is divided into three phases. The phases are known as the development phase, the unit testing phase, and the final packaging and distribution phase.

Go straight to the App Store, search for Xcode and download it straight away. It\’s simple as it is. It takes a few minutes to install, and after doing it, get to know about its environment.

In the Xcode, you can do a lot. You can write the code, edit it, draw, and much more. So try to explore its features to make the best use of it.

3) Know programming

You have Mac to access Xcode. Now you can jump into the main yet toughest part. You need to code. Before that, you should have proper knowledge of that. These programming backgrounds like C and Swift will allow being tough, yet choose the one which you can go with.

These programs are objective-oriented kinds of language. Some may be familiar with the code, but some may not. Don\’t worry. Everything has a solution. If you do not know much about coding and its background, there are several ways to learn. There are countless ways to start with coding for beginners.


One among them is the Swift language guide by Apple which is for your reference. You can explore several resources like these, don\’t try to get tensed. You can learn slower yet deeper with a good focus.
You don\’t need to deep dive into every topic but learn the ones who are going to help you. Try to explore topics like data types, variables, pointers, and classes. This will help you learn better.

4) Time for creating your apps

In this step, you have to do something which is going to be helpful for your process. There are a few sites that could help you to start from scratch. Look at those steps and try to incorporate them. While incorporating, choose the one which is comfortable for you, and try to remember which language you are going to choose.

AppCoda — This is mainly meant for beginners. A great app with clearly explained steps. It\’s a cloud-based mobile app development platform. It\’s designed to help developers and non-developers alike quickly and easily create beautiful, functional, and marketable apps.


The best way to learn more is to think about software as a machine with many wheels but only two drives. The two drives are input and output. Input drives how the machine does whatever it does. The output does what it should. For example, AppCoda delivers an extremely high rate of return when used properly because of its software\’s input and output drives.

Try to explore every step carefully and create your app! Just don\’t stop here. This is just an example. Try to explore different apps and gain better knowledge.

5) Time for the main action

Okay, as the step proceeds, things are getting a little bit serious. Had to look at different steps? So, time to get into the main action. Try to create your own custom app. Don\’t ever feel frustrated; go with a clear flow. Make sure you have your own code, which is going to work better. Be clear in your thoughts. No confusions. You are going to make it happen. You are just a beginner.


Think about which iOS area you are best at. Then, try to make it and create your custom app.

6) Dig deep into the software development.

Now you are working on your process and. Make your custom app. But in the midway, try to explore software development concepts in general. This is going to help you in the process. You need not go to an institute and learn. Now facilitates enable you to learn it from your place of stay!


There are plenty of programming and software topics being offered for free. This is great news for you, right? Start yours now.

7) Final touch

Now you have an app with you. This is your main resume work. Now think of things which the employers look for. Make sure you add your final touch and make it simple yet effective. Have a code that is clean and has the proper organization of things.


Have a proper interface, so try to have a storyboard that may benefit you.
These are general things people look for as an iOS developer. However, make sure you apply it to the type of app you use.

8) Publish your app

Now you have settled out everything. But people want to know about your app, right? So time to publish it on the App Store. But this step is an optional one. But this is your personal choice; if you wish to have the app, it\’s Okay; if not, also fine. But, before publishing it, try to have a proper understanding of what procedures you need to follow and what the restrictions are. But, then, it is a huge plus when you do this step if also no problem.


9) Upload your app to the GitHub platform.

GitHub is a platform l, socially meant for coding, sharing, and other stuff. Publish the code; you can benefit a lot from this platform. As you can have access to other codes, so you can develop more.

It is an online service used for source code management in computer software development. It provides access to code repositories for projects such as desktop applications, web applications, and others. Using these repository hosting websites like


GitHub, you can share code, content, and ideas with other programmers and your community. On the GitHub platform, users can share their code, build software, and find open-source production code for their projects.
You may think, why do you need to publish at GitHub and why not others? Well, this is just an example.

10) Approach the company which you want to join

This is your final step. Your dream as an iOS developer is going to get fulfilled. Now you have an app and resume which speaks about your worth. Try to approach the company you are interested in. If you have the right work and talent, you earn your benefit!



App development has become a more demanding and competitive career today. It seems that the number of people wanting to build their own apps is greater than ever. This tough and demanding career is going to be easy for you through this article. However, suppose you are one of these people. In that case, you have a better chance of success if you have a solid understanding of the decisions that must be made before you apply for registration as an Apple Developer.


I hope this article has provided you with an essence and a better understanding of building yourself as an iOS developer and building your bright field.

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