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"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. — Henry Ford"

Khushbhu Singhania

Content Developers & SMEs

"I joined Servon Solution as an intern for a Live Doubt Solving project. I was surrounded with people who would motivate you to reach an extra mile each day, the career path automatically becomes truthful. It is an organisation where our hardwork never goes unrecognised with new learning opportunities and appreciations. Working at Servon has exceptionally helped me to reach my career goals."

Muskan Ramteke

Content Specialist & Tutor

"You can never go wrong working at Servon Solution. I have been working here for two months and I am a Live Doubt Solver, helping Students with their doubts is fun and it is never a dull day at work. Furthermore, everyone in the company is super friendly and supportive. I never hesitate in asking any doubts I have in mind. To top it off, Servon Solution’s culture is unmatched."

Ritika Sharma

Content Designer & Tutor

"I have been working with Servon for last 4 months and I must say my experience is commendable and I love the work culture here at Servon. Basically, the team is professional knowledgeable and highly recommendable for ones who are looking for skilled partners in the business world. They have provided me with all the support and resources that I need to complete my job effectively. The company is completely obliged towards their clients and they provide and go above and beyond all the things to provide their clients the best possible outcome."

Abhipsha Pradhan

Content Developer & Copywriter

""I have been working with Servon since September 2022. My experience so far has been great, the work culture is really good. You will get positive vibes here and they always provide their assistance anytime we need them. Opportunities of growth are good as well because you will get to work with very reputed companies like Byju’s, Vedantu, Brainly, so the benefits are great and for the students the work opportunity and perks are great. You will receive Offer Letter, Certificate, Monetary benefits and sometimes you may get featured on their Linkedin page. You will get a great opportunity here to grow as a Subject Matter Expert, Educator, Content Writer. So, I would recommend everyone to be a part of Servon." "

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